10 advantages of subscribing to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the services offered by the American e-commerce company through an annual or monthly subscription. This allows buyers to enjoy a wide list of services.

In a special way, Amazon Prime has a series of additional features, and that is why in this post we will be compiling some of those advantages that exist when having this subscription today.

Free and faster shipping

In case you did not know, having the Amazon Prime subscription you can use the option of free shipping in 1 day, where if you place your order early in the morning, the same package will be delivered to you. the same day in the afternoon or at night according to the area where you are residing. In addition, all shipping costs for up to two million products will be 100% free.

Unlimited access to Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon company’s own streaming service, called Prime Video, is included for free within the Amazon Prime membership, so you will have secure and unlimited access to this service as long as you remain a member of the Amazon Prime subscription. Enjoy all the series, movies, documentaries and events live, in addition to the content of Prime Originals.

Free access to Prime Music

This function is called Prime Music, and with it you will have the willingness to listen to little more than 2 million songs without any advertisingAlthough it is not yet a streaming music service that is at the level of applications such as Spotify or Apple Music, it is an option that is really interesting for anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Streaming, ad-free access, and hundreds more on Twitch Prime

This is a service that will fascinate gamers and users who watch the video game broadcasts that are made from the Twitch video platform, which was bought by Amazon in the last months of 2014. Prime members are they will avoid the publicity and the announcements that the platform has, they will have access to characters, skins, improvements, broadcasting of games from the PC or their game console, a free monthly subscription to a Twitch channel, among some other things.

Prime Photos, to store photos unlimited and free

Being a Prime member also gives you the necessary access to be able to use the privileged Prime Photos service. This will allow you to save and share all your photos in the company cloud in an unlimited way, in which to be sure our material and then you can make copies of them and other options to have them again in case they have been deleted, for example.

Get exclusive offers on Prime Day

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this event that Amazon prepares every year in July for all its premium subscribers It will not be possible until the end of September (possibly October). The good news is that sooner or later this important event will also be enjoyed, which presents exclusive offers for those users who have a Prime subscription.

Enjoy and read from Prime Reading

Thanks to Prime Reading, Amazon provides its customers with an efficient and varied reading service, with which they can access over 500 books through the Kindle app. It may not be a large quantity or exceptional quality of each book, but overall it is a service that true readers will find interesting to say the least. Genres such as contemporary fiction, science fiction and suspense are some of those that you can find here.

Access to Amazon Family

With Amazon Family you can get up to 15% discount on diapers and other types of promotions in food, trolleys and some others that will be fully usable by those future parents and moms and dads with babies still at home. In addition, various coupons, exclusive tips and priority access to some offers can be awarded.

Early access to flash deals

This may be one of the most important advantages of the post, and it is that with the almost unlimited access that is given to users when they become premium subscribers, it was obvious that there should be an option that allows them to find what they are looking for at a good price , and have early access before they are published the products that belong to the flash offers, all this 30 minutes before the start of the offers.

Take full control of Alexa, Amazon’s assistant

With Amazon Prime you can still take full advantage of Alexa, making it all its integrated functions are at your disposal in order to have more total control of the assistant itself. Apart from the normal options that anyone can use with this assistant, being a premium member will offer you various functions and extra features.

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