10 applications that exceed one billion downloads on Google Play

Although there are thousands of applications and games that achieve success in one way or another thanks to what they offer, they are relatively few those that come to touch the excellence and enter that distinguished group of apps that have more than 1,000 million downloads in the Play Store.

These apps have been made with the respect and preference of the majority of the global community to be used almost automatically. Besides WhatsApp and Facebook, we also have all these tools, including 2 games.

To begin we will talk about WhatsApp, the app reigns in mobile messaging. With over 2 billion confirmed downloads in the first months of this year 2020, it is evident that this instant messaging service (which has been owned by Facebook) does not stop growing with each passing day. Within its possibilities, it allows you to make calls, video calls, send files, photos, videos and other options.

One of the trending applications of this year is TikTok, a Chinese app owned by ByteDance in which more than all the young public, upload and share videos of up to 60 seconds be it dancing, repeating a famous phrase from a movie or singing various songs. The app has more than 1 billion downloads on Google Play, and that number is currently increasing.

It is probably the most famous social network in the world, and with good reason, since it offers you various ways to stay in tune with what is happening in the world, either through publications, or by its famous Stories that are only displayed for 24 hours. Like the others, it is one of those applications that will continue to grow in number of downloads no matter what.

Facebook numbers exceed 2.4 billion users, so freely exceed that amount of 1 billion downloads in their application, and this including those various legal problems and issues in which they have been involved. It should be borne in mind that before the appearance of most of the top social networks of today, Facebook already had a more than considerable strategic advantage, and even today there are users who prefer to use this app to use another, which is a positive point for good Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook messaging app also marks its ground and says present in this varied list. It works efficiently and it has a simple and interesting interface at the same time, wanting to fulfill the objective: to be that app that always remains at the top of the best instant messaging applications, along with WhatsApp.

In case you did not realize, all the apps that we have added in this list are really just that, applications, but that is over because the time has come to present the first game, we are talking about the famous Subway Surfers. As such, it is the first video game that obtained that threshold of the 1000 million downloads, all thanks to the adventures of Jake, Tricky and Fresh that travel the train tracks, where they can get various bonuses to advance and not be captured by the guard.

This is an application that if we start to analyze the data and the facts, has been a bit forgotten since other apps such as Instagram and even TikTok snatched its place on the king’s throne, however, is still alive with a stratospheric number of active users and has nothing to envy other applications.

Another very famous app that had its golden years before being displaced by others such as WhatsApp or Facebook, and even so, it remains one of the best options for video conferencing, calls and instant messages. Likewise, it maintains its database above 1000 million users, which makes it clear that it is not just any app.

It would be strange if Google is not on the list, because more than 5,000 million downloads do not happen in vain. If we count all the apps of the company that have more than 1,000 million downloads, then this article will not be enough. If you have a question that won’t let you sleep, Google almost likely knows the answer.

To finish, we close with a pretty sweet finishing touch, and that’s thanks to the well-known Candy Crush Saga game. Developed by King, this game has more than 7000 thousand levels and it is another of the few games with Subway Surfers that have that medal of 1000 million downloads in the Play Store. Its plot is simple: you must try to connect the candies and chocolates until at least three of the same color are formed, and so on.

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