10 Google Drive tricks for 2021

Whether used for school assignments or work jobs, Google Drive is the file hosting service chosen par excellence since its launch and even to this day.

Now Google Drive has evolved and has become what it is, an online office suite through which documents, presentations, spreadsheets can be created, among other things. That is why this platform has grown to the point of not only being a storage service, which is the interesting thing.

There are really so many things that can be done within this service, that is why we have created this list of 10 tricks that you should definitely exploit within Google Drive in 2021, so let’s go for it.

Convert documents to PDF

PDF files are something that if you are in a work environment today, you will need sos, and from Google Drive allow you to convert any document into a PDFAll you need to do is double click on a document that is stored to confirm that you want to open it in Google Docs. Next you will have to enter the File menu and click on Download. Then in a drop down menu will be the option to convert the document to PDF.

Save your WhatsApp backups to Google Drive

In case you did not know, it is possible to make backup copies of your chats and conversations within WhatsApp in Google Drive, in order to keep everything safe and secure. ready for you in case of change or theft of phone. Just go to WhatsApp Settings, then go to Chats and finally to Backup.

Back up your hard drive

Another of the most useful tricks that Google Drive offers is to be able to make copies of your hard drives, cameras or SD cards and its contents, which can be done through the Backup and Synchronization application that can be downloaded through the following link.

Write by voice

Something that turns out to be quite useful when using any service that asks us to spend some time writing and writing down questions, without a doubt is the power to write through our voice, which is entirely possible. Thus, Google Drive allows you to write documents by voice while we are probably doing other things. To do this, you will have to press on the microphone when you are about to write the document and start speaking to go from voice to text.

Create instant documents with new URL

If you usually work a lot within Google Drive this trick could come in handy, since they give the possibility of creating blank text documents instantly with a URL. Also, this function lets open other files at other urls, as well they are or, to open spreadsheets from Google Sheets and Google Sites respectively.

Make your documents available without an internet connection

It is more common than it seems to have to see a document urgently but it is without internet connection and therefore this does not charge or charge until a connection is established. Well with Google Drive this is over, and you just have to go to Settings, then to the General section and check the Offline box.

Use the advanced Google Drive search engine

Bearing in mind that the service has a search engine at the top of the main window, there is an advanced search engine to serve to find what you need much faster, and for this you only need to position yourself on the main search box, press the down arrow where Search Options is displayed and voila, a new menu will be displayed.

Save content from web pages

Has it happened to you that you are browsing the internet and there is content that you see and that you do not want to lose? To achieve this just install the official Google Chrome extension from Save to Google Drive and voila, save everything you want.

Create party invitations or any kind of survey with Forms

Forms is a function that goes quite unnoticed and that is in fact recently remodeled, where you can easily create event registrations, invitations and such materials, in addition to being able to customize them as you want, either by adding images, videos or even changing their color.

View your presentations created within Drive on Chromecast or an Apple TV

Last but not least, there is another good trick to help you view your Drive presentations. on some streaming device connected to a screen, like Chromecast or Apple TV.To do this, just open one of your presentations, click on Start Presentation and finally Present on another screen, for which you have to click on an arrow located on the right side.

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