10 Twitter facts to celebrate 15 years

That’s right, the Twitter platform known to millions and millions of people is celebrating 15 years. This date surely surprises many of us, and this is because the social network has been around since we were young, or even some had no use of reason to know what it was about at that time.

Hundreds of changes and updates have been popping up on the network from Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, and the following 10 fun facts will reveal those things that have evolved, or even, that they could actually be different.

The first tweet in the history of the platform

We began in the very beginnings of the social network, when on March 21, 2006 Jack Dorsey, one of the founders, went on to publish his first tweet, the first that will give entry to the billions that are already published today. The tweet literally translates just by setting my Twitter.

As for the name, this was not exactly Twitter

Many were the options that the developers of the American platform considered in terms of the name, going through titles such as Twiiit, Twich, and Twttr. As for the latter, was the one that was initially used in 2006 but they decided to modify it until the well-known Twitter appeared, alluding to the chirping of the birds.

What are the most followed Twitter accounts?

In the case of Twitter, the awards are for the former president of the United States Barack Obama, with a total of 130 million followers, in addition to singer Justin Bieber and also for Katy Perry, who have 114 and 109 million respectively.

It is positioned in fifth position on the most used social networks in Spain

In the Spanish territory, the Twitter platform has more than 7 million users, who spend approximately 1 hour and 54 minutes daily within the social network, representing 52.6% of Spanish Internet users.

There is difference between the use of men and women

Regarding the use of the app explained in graphs by the sex of the people, men between 35 and 49 years old they are the ones who have stayed the longest on Twitter, this being 19.6% of the total. They are followed by those from 25 to 34 years (18.7%), and then there are women between the ages of 18 and 24 (9.9%), not counting those from 35 to 49 years (8.8 %).

Statistics say it is the social network of choice for men

According to the statistics of the ‘Digital 2021’ report created by the Hootsuite platform, more than 68% of users who are on Twitter are men, and therefore women have the lowest number, which reaches 31%.

Twitter has been involved in debates and controversies in recent times

Something that they had never dared to do from Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, was to permanently block the account of a figure like the same former president of the United States, Donald Trump. This was on the tightrope for his posts since 2017, but it was not until early 2021 that he suffered from the suspension of his account.

Its founders had problems from the beginning

The problems were mainly focused on Evan Williams and the entrepreneur Noah Glass, who despite having a good friendship at the beginning of the project with the other founders, were immersed in personality clash problems, this being the best known version on the internet.

What is the first big news on Twitter?

As for controversial news that made the first rounds around the world, there is that of the crash of US Airways Flight 1549 over the Hudson River, New York. This happened on January 15, 2009, this being one of the real moments in which the platform became an important place when it came to sharing the news.

The Hashtags and their first issue When did it appear?

Finally, there is a fact that draws a lot of attention, and it is the moment when the first hashtags appear. To be blunt, these first appeared in August 2007 and the play came thanks to actor Chris Messina, who made the following tweet with his hashtag included.

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