10 weird but useful apps that will help you with different things in your day to day

You will be surprised to know how many applications exist to solve different problems and things that are happening in our week.

And yes, although they may not be used all the time, they are there to help us when we need it and usually s that provide valid help. These are 10 of the most outstanding that we have seen recently.

With that said, below you can see up to 10 different apps that will help you solve those problems that appear in times of stress where you didn’t know who to turn to, well, now you will know what to do and where to find help.

And yes, Microsoft has a special service that helps people in a correct and simple way, especially to solve mathematical and scientific problems.

Do you want to have information about your hours of sleep and know if you snore? Well for this we find SnoreClock, an app that allows know and control if you snore or if your partner does, if you talk while you sleep or if something really interrupts your sleep. Just put the mobile next to the bed with the app activated at bedtime and voila, see your results in the morning.

It has happened to all of us that we use the mobile phone extra time in moments of concentration to study or work, which does not help us at all and only makes us delay. Well, Detox Lock is a timed lock application designed to keep us from being distracted.

It was inevitable that in this ranking a video editor appeared, and the one that we are presenting now is called Funimate, an application that has more than 10 million downloads in the Play Store and that has more than 15 video effects to choose from.

This is an application that may be interesting for the vast majority, and it is that with Remote Mouse we can convert our mobile on a keyboard and mouse for use on the computer. In addition to this, it has options such as Web Browsing Remote, which allows you to perform certain operations more quickly.

What do I do if my cell phone is lost inside my house and I can’t find it anywhere? Clap Phone Finder is undoubtedly the solution, and with this app, as its name suggests, we can just clap and thus find our phone, which will start to sound, vibrate or even turn on the flashlight.

Brainly is the app owned by the Polish company of the same name that focuses on the area of ​​education, providing a learning application for everyone to answer different answers, with the aim of helping those who need it.

Nor could an app be needed that allows users to watch movies and series for free, and this time we give the award to Stremio, a service that includes movies, series, live TV and video channels.

The volume of the mobile is something that represents a conflict for many people, you want to be not satisfied with the maximum or minimum volume that come by default in Android. Now with Ultra Volume you can modify that, in addition to choosing between different themes and designs.

Last but not least, we find AutoZen, an app quite similar to Google Auto that helps you focus on the road with navigation step by step included. For this, it helps with reading notifications aloud and controlling itself by voice.

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