100 free online university courses starting in May

The MOOC proposals for May are renewed, combining initiatives from different educational platforms.

In the list, which we will always keep updated at, we have integrated the courses proposed by international universities as well as other educational institutions that are committed to free online training. We have interesting options in Spanish, as well as a range of proposals in other languages.

To obtain the complete information of each course we only have to consult the corresponding link.

In Spanish

Algorithmic thinking – Tecnolgico de MonterreyHow to develop algorithmic thinking and apply it in different situations.

Social Network Administrator (Community Manager) Galileo UniversityA tour of the activities to be carried out by the professional who works as a Community Manager.

Statistical analysis of data with R (2nd Edition) – UCAMThe objective of the course is to familiarize users with R.’s working environment.

Basic Course in Economics (2nd edition) – UCAMDiscusses a series of basic economic principles that will help us understand daily economic activities.

The ABC of lean entrepreneurship Tecnolgico de MonterreyWe will have activities, resources and interviews to analyze the factors that intervene in the entrepreneurship process.

Proofreading and style in Spanish – Autonomous University of BarcelonaAnalyze different factors to take into account when correcting texts.

Innovation and entrepreneurship. The new paradigm of the XXI century – European UniversityThis course combines examples of recognized innovators, exercises and resources to practically analyze the foundations of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Introduction to Second Life for Educators University of San Martin de PorresAnalyze the characteristics of virtual environments and their potential as an educational setting using Second Life.

In a previous article we talked about Connect Americas and its online training section. For this month the proposed courses are:

Introduction to preferential rules of origin An interesting opportunity for those interested in foreign trade.

Strategic Marketing for Companies For those who want to know how to create a marketing plan to boost their business.

International merchandise transit Analyzes the operation of different resources that streamline the management of international merchandise transit.

Strategic Planning How companies can develop a strategic plan.

Food Safety for Businesses Analyzes international food safety systems.

Business Plan in 7 Steps It is a practical course that shows how to design a business plan.

The revolution in global services Analyzes the condition of Latin America and the Caribbean in promoting the outsourcing of IT-based services.

Internationalization of the Company How to bring our company to the international market.

Online photography courses: They are not MOOCS, but it is worth taking a look at them.

In english

Technology and Computer Science

Understanding the media by understanding Google – Northwestern UniversityA journey through the history of Google, analyzing its services, strategies and objectives.

Software Defined Networking – Georgia Institute of TechnologyHistory and evolution of the SDN, programming, practical examples and different content make up the program for this course.

Pattern-oriented software architectures: programming mobile services for Android portable systems – Vanderbilt UniversityIt is the second course of the Mobile Cloud Computing with Android Specialization

Develop Java Embedded Applications Using a Raspberry Pi – OracleThe Oracle team opens a new edition of their 5-week course.

M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers How to create a Java application with MongoDB.

Similar options:

Cyber-Physical Systems – BerkeleyEthics in the world of technology – Ohio State UniversityKnowledge Engineering with Semantic Web Technologies Open HPI


Shaping Personality and Creating a Positive Class Environment – Relay Graduate School of EducationAnalyze the benefits of positive psychology in the classroom, and how to implement it in our educational environment.

Strategies to improve our way of teaching English, 2: paths to success in teaching the English language University of OregonAn initiative of the United States Department of State aimed at EFL teachers.

Coach Educators: Encouraging Enduring Change – Match educationExamines the characteristics that professionals dedicated to educational coaching must have.

Foundations of Teaching for True Learning 3: Students and Learning – Commonwealth Education TrustAnalyze how to understand the needs and expectations of students to create a productive educational setting.

Using advanced scientific standards for a deeper understanding of students – RICEA tour of some of the US education plans and measures applied to science, such as Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Fundamentals of Teaching for True Learning 6: Introduction to Student Assessment – Commonwealth Education TrustIt is the sixth year of the Foundations of Teaching for Real Learning Specialization

Learning from Your Students: A Lab Course in Formative Assessment Practice in the Era of the Common Core State Standards – StanfordAnother proposal dedicated to educational coaching taking into account the CCSS (Common Core State Standards)

Digital Literacies II – San Diego County Office of Education Examples of teachers and schools from different countries that are committed to the integration of ICT in education are shown.

30 Days of TED – Canyons School DistrictHow to take advantage of the resources available on and apply them in the classroom.

Similar options:

Information and communication technologies in primary education – University of LondonStudy skills for international students – University of East Anglia

Physics / Chemistry

The diversity of exoplanets – University of GenevaMain discoveries, types of methods and criteria used, as well as readings from scientific studies.

Introduction to Solid State Chemistry – MIT15 weeks combining exercises, interactive activities and first-year university material

Health Sciences

Well-being for all thanks to primary health care – Johns Hopkins UniversityExamples and analysis of the meaning of Primary Health Care in a global context.

Prevention of chronic pain: a systemic approach – University of MinnesotaA series of factors are analyzed that could prevent or mitigate the consequences of this disease.

Getting old around the world – University of PennsylvaniaEvery week a question is posed that is analyzed with the contribution of the students.

Cancer in the 21st Century: The Genomic Revolution – Glasgow UniversityThe latest advances in the development of new treatments are analyzed with the participation of different experts.

Health policies and access to water in developing countries – University of ManchesterExamine this world problem from different contexts.

Vital signs: how to understand what the body tells us – University of PennsylvaniaThe course will have demonstrations of different techniques applied to the measurement of vital signs.

Fundamentals of Immunology, Part 2 – RICEIn this second part, the function of T lymphocytes is analyzed.

Data Analysis and Statistics

Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools – European Journalism CenterHow journalists can make better use of data and empower their work.

And three proposals from the Johns Hopkins University:

Statistical Inference Reproducible Research Introduction to Biostatistics According to Case Analysis


Calculation: in one variable – University of PennsylvaniaTaylor series, indefinite integral, differential equations are some of the points that we will see during the 14 weeks.

social Sciences

Introduction to Human Behavioral Genetics – University of MinnesotaA tour of the methodologies used in behavioral genetics, its evolution, as well as scientific data.

Understanding Europe: why it matters and what it can offer – HEC ParisA broad overview of the EU’s institutional framework, its influence and opportunities.

The changing world order – Leiden UniversityWith the participation of different experts, the activities of different international institutions for global stability are analyzed.

Law in the United States: an introduction for students from around the world – University of FloridaIntroduction to the US legal system, with examples and comparisons with systems from other countries.

Prehistory, Purpose, and Political Future of the Bible – Emory UniversityA series of readings and interpretations on the purpose of the Bible are discussed.

Similar options:

First Peoples to the Early Republic: Born in Colonialism – Seattle Central Community CollegeCooperation in the contemporary world – Birmingham UniversityThe Gilded Age to the Roaring Twenties: Emergence of Modern America – Seattle Central Community College

Business Administration / Entrepreneurship

Leadership inspiration through emotional intelligence – Case Western Reserve UniversityDiscusses the characteristics of resonant leadership and how to maintain it despite work stress.

Strengthen your career and your chances of getting a job – University of London How to develop our professional life.

Making Sense of Social Impact: Acumens Building Blocks for Impact Analysis SUMMARYAnalyze how social impact is evaluated by integrating different resources and tools.

Introduction to Strategic Thinking – CanvasThe content of the course can be applied to the development of a company or any activity of our life.

Basics of e-Commerce – SmartOn Learning SolutionsHow to create an online store with Shopify.

Project Management for Business Professionals – Shaping TomorrowIntroduction to project management.

Managing people: engaging your workforce – University of ReadingA course designed for those who have positions of responsibility in their work and wish to take advantage of the potential of their work team.

Technology Entrepreneurship Part 2 StanfordAn opportunity to work in teams and design a business plan for new projects.

Similar options:

DQ 101: Introduction to Decision Quality SDGAdaptive Leadership: Mobilizing for Change SUMMARY

Economy and Finance

Analysis of global financial and social trends – University of PennsylvaniaAnalyze how the current global context can affect the future of financial markets.

Mathematical methods for quantitative finance – University of WashingtonAn introduction to the study of Quantitative Finance.

Introduction to Applied Investing – Marquette UniversityAnalyze the basics of the world of investment and finance.

Introduction to Digital Currencies University of NicosiaAll legal, technical, legal and economic aspects related to Bitcoins are analyzed.

Managing my money – Open University of the United KingdomThis course is oriented to the management of finances at a personal or family level.

Biology and Natural Sciences

The brain and space Duke UniversityAn interesting course that analyzes spatial orientation and the work that the brain does.

Introduction to forensic science – Nanyang Technological UniversityAnalyzes the scientific techniques used by forensics and their contribution in solving criminal cases

EDIVET: Do you have what it takes to be a vet? – Edinburgh universityAn introduction to veterinary medicine.

Solutions from the ocean – University of Western AustraliaDiscuss how the proper use of oceans can provide a solution to different global problems.

Equine course: introduction to its maintenance and basic care University of FloridaDuring 6 weeks different factors to be taken into account in equine care are analyzed.


The Great Depression to the War on Terror: Enter the World Stage – Seattle Central Community CollegeAnalyze the causes and effects of the Great Depression.

Archeology of Portus: exploring the lost harbor of ancient Rome – Southampton UniversityA journey through the archaeological discoveries and the technologies applied in its analysis.

China (Part 6): The Manchus and the Qing – HarvardFollowing the series that examines the complete history of China.

The Civil War Era: Dividing a Nation – Seattle Central Community CollegeAnalyze US development since the Civil War.

The History of Terrorism – BSCA journey through the history of terrorism.

History of the Vietnam War – Bowling Green State UniversityAnalyze the Vietnam War from different contexts.


Rock history. Part 1 – University of RochesterElvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, The Beatles are some of the artists and groups that are analyzed in this rock timeline.

Introduction to the Music Business – Berklee College of MusicThe history and basic concepts of the music industry.

Vocal Recording Technology – Berklee College of MusicAnalyze the technologies after the recording process.

Play With Your Music – New york universityIt is a very enjoyable course for those who have the collaboration of P2PU and Peter Gabriel, along with a series of interviews.

Other proposals

Exploring Geographic Information Systems – Simon Fraser UniversityAn introduction to GIS, with many activities and practical exercises.

Fundamentals of Energy Resources – McHenry County CollegeA tour of different content and tools to understand the value of energy resources.

Coasts and Communities Open Course – UMass BostonAn interesting proposal for high school students interested in issues related to the environment.

Global food security: addressing the challenge – Lancaster UniversityAnalyze what food security is and all the factors involved.

Introduction to ecosystems – Open University of the United KingdomAn interesting course on the functioning of ecosystems.

Autonomous Navigation for Flying Robots – TUMAn 8 week course to venture into the world of quadrotors.

Becoming a Resilient Person – The Science of Stress Management – University of WashingtonHow to combat stress.

Big Data and Social Physics – MITHow can knowledge be applied to foster a productive environment in institutions or predict behavior patterns.

Mechanics ReView – MITIntroduction to Newtonian Mechanics.

Sabermetrics 101: Introduction to Baseball Analytics – Boston universityAnalyze the basic concepts of Sabermtrica.

Super-Earths And Life – HarvardA course on extraterrestrial life.

Natural Disasters – McGill UniversityExamine natural disasters from different contexts, but maintaining a scientific vision.

The Design Process MOOC The foldDuring 4 weeks the students will be guided in their creative process by designing a fashion collection.

Investigative Journalism for the Digital Age Knight CenterThe course is taught by four professionals who will analyze different nuances of investigative journalism.

Introduction to Digital Curation UCLModels and strategies to be taken into account in digital healing are analyzed.

Online photography courses – Courses on art and photography worth taking.

Exploring Engineering – Brown University Continuing EducationAn introductory course for those students who are considering pursuing a career in Engineering.

In Portugus

In portugus we have a series of courses dedicated to entrepreneurship and the business world.

For example, in Canvas we find an AMBRA proposal with Gerenciamento de Financas Pessoais (Personal Finance Management).

And Connect Americas that we mentioned earlier, also has a series of proposals in Portuguese:

Strategic Marketing for Companies Food Insurance for Companies Strategic Plan Internationalization of the Company A revolution of two global services Business plan in 7 steps

In French

And in French the options are:

Le droit des contrats de travail en FranceLe meilleur du webMonter un MOOC de A ZLa bombe dmographique est-elle dsamorce? Cration, publication et partage sur Internet

New MOOCs will be announced in May and will be shared in our Educational Projects section.

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