12 of the best plugins for Google Drive spreadsheets

The script gallery Google Drive has evolved into an easy-to-use add-on store. We have already reviewed some of the best plugins for Google Drive documents (Google Docs) so today is the turn for spreadsheets (Google Spreadsheets). The functions that copy features of Microsoft Excel continue to reign and manage to overcome them, especially due to their online nature. Here is an excellent dozen of them:


It’s a space similar to the Microsoft Office Styles section: a good number of default cell styles, colors, and formats ready to apply to a cell or a set of cells with just a click. Includes a color picker and cell layouts based on their values.

More Fonts

Google Drive spreadsheets only include 6 classic typefaces (including Times New Roman, Verdana, and Arial). Well, with More Fonts More than 30 fancy additional fonts are possible: Arial Black, Impact, Calibri, Brush Script MT (a stylized italic) and many more.

Dozens of professional templates designed by to use instantly: calendars, gliders, charts, resumes, invoices, financial calculators, templates for the education sector and much more. When selecting any of them, a copy is generated in our Google Drive folder.

Remove Duplicates and Merge Values

Removing duplicates is a very common task that can be supplemented with this step-by-step visual assistant that allows finding single or repeated values ​​within a sheet or comparing several of them. Merge Values It is another very useful addition to replacing the formulation process with one simple click. What the latter achieves is to join values ​​of rows, columns or a specific range by printing the results of the joins in a new space.

Twitter Curator

To collect any number of tweets that match a keyword or phrase entered in your search engine, for example, a username or a hashtag. They are inserted with a click although for some reason they do not appear in the selected cell but below, that is, they are organized.

Schedule Generator

An excellent wizard for creating Gantt charts from a selected list of tasks on the current sheet or a new project created using a template (option template sheet). It goes hand in hand with the Gantter for Google Drive extension for viewing and subsequent editing.

Google Analytics and Analytics Canvas

A couple of tools to work directly with the data from our Google Analytics account to create even more personalized reports and even to use Google Drive as an intermediary, taking advantage of its sharing functions, to manage access to other users.

Random Generator

A random value generator to fill cells with integers, decimals, Boolean values ​​(YES / NO), you randomize between a couple of chosen dates and different character strings that combine uppercase, lowercase, numbers, spaces, symbols together with others configurable details.

Sudoku Sheets

A curious plugin to generate sudokus with four levels of difficulty and a deactivatable wizard that highlights incorrectly written values. In fact, it includes a tool to solve any entered sudoku (including the previous ones) or create them from scratch.


Finally, a powerful web analytics and social media marketing tool to work directly with data from Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Webmaster Tools or from a personal base.

Do you have another good complement to recommend? Feel free to leave it in the comments.

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