16 links that can save you time in your day to day

In a normal working day we create several documents, we create lists on spotify, we publish new stories on the web, we create new development projects … every day the Internet is fed with new content created by millions of people in the world, and today we are going to publish here a list of links that can help save time when doing this type of work:

– Link so that we can go directly to the publication of a new story on Medium.– To create a text document in the Google editor.– To create a new spreadsheet of Google.– To create a new slideshow using the Google platform.– To create a new development project on github.– To create a new link on bitly.– sell .new: To sell something new on ebay.– To create a new conversation in Discord.– To create a new task in Asana.– To create a new presentation in Prezi.– To create a new online store in shopify.– To create a CV using the CV2You platform.– To create secure passwords using Dashlane.– (together with and Adobe links to create and sign PDF documents.– and WordPress links to create a Blog and create a new publ icacin.– Google link to create a new video conference.

As you can see, the .new extension allows you to register domains that point to the creation of a new task, domains that will cost about $ 500 per year and that must first pass through the Google filter to be approved.

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