21 free tech courses to start in August

We renew the list of free online courses that you can take to improve your digital skills.

If you think that August is a good month for you to start an educational program, here are a series of suggestions to consider. Remember that the courses have different requirements and modalities, so you will have to see all those details in their platform of origin.

Free technology courses

  1. Introduction to Python ProgrammingAustral University – 4 weeks Analyze the basics of programming using Python.
  2. Growth Hacking (9th edition)Telefónica Foundation – 6 weeks Analyze different aspects for a digital product to be a success.
  3. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by WatsonIBM 8 weeks Watson AI Fundamentals, Operation and Applications.
  4. Data structures in PythonAustral University – 4 weeks Teaches how to make programs that use a lot of structured data, focusing on the use of lists, dictionaries and tuples.
  5. Programming with Java Standard (7th edition) Telefónica Foundation – 8 weeks Introductory Java language.
  6. Python: learn to programPolytechnic University of Valencia 8 weeks How to program in Python from scratch.
  7. Gameplay in video gamesAutonomous University of Barcelona – 4 weeks Analyzes the structure and functionality of a video game, as well as the implementation of the type of efficient graphical interface.
  8. Excel for Business FundamentalsAustral University – 8 weeks How to use mathematical and trigonometric functions in the field of business.
  9. Artificial intelligence: Chatbots without programming IBM 2 weeks How to create and use chatbots in different contexts.
  10. 3D art and animation in video gamesAutonomous University of Barcelona – 4 weeks Creation and design of characters, creation of environments, movements of objects and music, among other topics.
  11. Excel applied to business (Advanced Level)Austral University – 9 weeks Use of macros, special techniques for analysis and management of dynamic tables in Excel.
  12. Android BasicsNational Autonomous University of Mexico – 5 weeks A tour of all the tools available to work as an Android application developer.
  13. Introduction to Technologies for EducationPolytechnic University of Valencia 5 weeks Different technologies and web applications to create new educational scenarios.
  14. Arduino and some applicationsNational Autonomous University of Mexico – 3 weeks You will learn how to use Arduino through two practical work consisting of prototypes of applications.
  15. Search the internet Tips and tools to perform different types of internet searches.
  16. Programming for everyoneMichigan University 7 weeks Basic course to learn to program with Python from scratch.
  17. Entrepreneurship and agile development methods in videogamesUniversity of the Andes – 5 weeks How to create your own videogame studio with methodology to work on medium and large projects.
  18. Programming with Java for Android applicationsNational Autonomous University of Mexico – 3 weeks You will learn how to use Java to create your own Android applications.
  19. Excel: Fundamentals and ToolsPolytechnic University of Valencia – 8 weeks You will learn to use the basic functions of Excel.
  20. Intermediate Word: Formatting and Productivity ToolsPolytechnic University of Valencia – 8 weeks You will learn to use the formatting options, shortcuts, content insertion, among other functions.
  21. Introduction to Java National Autonomous University of Mexico – 5 weeks An introduction to the basics of Java such as functions, constants, variables, classes, among other topics.

How to take the courses for free

All the courses that we mention give you the option to choose between a payment method (with certificate) and a free one.

If you want to opt for the free version of the course, you just have to follow the instructions you see in the images for each platform.

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