25% of Windows users want to switch to Mac, and that's a big problem for Apple


According to a new Verto study, 25% of Windows users want to switch to Mac. But that doesn’t mean they will.

Envy for Apple products is always bigger than with other brands; Many people want to buy products from this brand, such as the iPhone, the iPad, or the Mac, but they cannot. So settle for alternatives, like Windows or Android.

Many people want to switch to Mac, but cannot

This is not exactly new, but now a new study gives us an exact number of how many people are settling for something they don’t want; According to Verto, 25% of surveyed Windows users on the desktop wants to move to Mac in the next six months. On laptops, 21% of people want to buy a Macbook within six months.

An extraordinary percentage; with only a small part of that 25% buying a Macbook or Mac Pro, Apple will have many reasons to celebrate. It will be placed as a true alternative to Windows and the quarterly benefits will be record.

Except that’s not going to happen, of course. The study itself gives us some clues as to why: users with higher incomes declare that they are more likely to finally make the change; Among the lowest-income users, only adolescents are clear that they will change (because parents will pay).

So, that leaves us with a fair amount of Low-income users who want to make the jump to Mac but can’t; And it’s exactly that reason that Apple only controls 7.5% of the computer market. Not bad, beware, but could it be much older or not?

People can’t switch to Apple for the same reason they want to make the switch

Yes, Apple computers could be cheaper as many people ask; That way they could get very respectable sales figures, or at least that’s the theory. However, we cannot underestimate the importance of price when it comes to envy.

The main reason why Macs envy because they are premium products; so if you take away the premium part, there’s really not much to envy. The hardware is already the same as that of any other computer, and the operating system can even be a negative point, depending on what you need.

That is the big problem with Apple, which she has gotten herself into: it offers a product that is too expensive, but you cannot lower the price without losing everything that makes it desirable.

The worst is Apple has realized very late that it wants to continue selling computers; that the entire history of the Post-PC era has turned out to be more of a marketing campaign than anything else. Tim Cook has stated on several occasions that they want to continue in the computer market, for example.

Looking ahead to a future in which iOS and macOS come together and iPads become the new Macbooks, these are lessons that the company will have to take on. At least, according to the same survey, only 2% of Mac users want to switch to Windows, so they have loyal users.

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