29 free tech courses to start in July

If you have reserved July to sign up for an online course you can take a look at some educational programs that open this month.

You will find a selection of courses to get you started in video game design, programming or improve your Excel skills, among other proposals. Keep in mind that each educational platform has its own requirements and registration forms.

Technology courses in Spanish

  • Managing databases with Python Austral University – 4 weeks Introduction to creating, accessing and presenting data from a database using Python.
  • Introduction to programming. Discover the language of the digital age. (16th edition) Telefónica Fundacin – 6 weeks How to learn to program from scratch.
  • Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction IBM – 5 weeks Basic concepts and methodologies to get started in Machine Learning.
  • Designing web pages with Bootstrap 4Austral University – 4 weeks How to use Bootstrap 4 to create responsive websites, use layout grids, CSS preprocessors, among other topics.
  • Introduction to Java Programming: Data Structures and AlgorithmsUniversity Carlos III of Madrid – 5 weeks Teaches in an easy and interactive way to program in Java with optimized code.
  • Development of Multiplatform Mobile Applications with Nativescript, Angular and Redux Austral University – 4 weeks Development of native applications for iOS and Android using NativeScript.
  • Introduction to RAnhuacX – 5 weeks Analyze the fundamentals of one of the most popular languages ​​for data analysis and intelligence
  • Server-side development: NodeJS, Express and MongoDB Austral University – 4 weeks Development of tasks in the backend for data persistence, server configuration and creation of a REST API.
  • Introduction to data science and its applications IBM – 6 weeks Provides an overview of what data science entails, Big Data, necessary skills and fields of influence.
  • Excel for Business FundamentalsAustral University – 8 weeks Learn to work with statistical calculations, dates, data of possibilities, financial, etc.
  • Python Basics for Data Science! IBM – 5 weeks Introduction to Data Science using Python as a means of programming functional scripts.
  • Excel applied to business (Advanced Level)Austral University – 9 weeks The course develops the skills to manipulate data, create reports and printed reports, build charts and presentations.
  • Data Science Tools: Practical Use IBM – 7 weeks Features of some of the most popular tools for working in data science and how to use them in different contexts.
  • Videogames: what are we talking about?Autonomous University of Barcelona 8 weeks An introduction to all the elements necessary to enter the world of multiplatform video game design and programming.
  • Learn R: Introduction to data processing with R and RStudio (2nd edition)University of the Balearic Islands – 8 weeks How to analyze and represent data sets.
  • Video game designAutonomous University of Barcelona 4 weeks All the guidelines related to the correct development of videogames are covered, as well as the documentation that has to accompany a new project.
  • Digital skills. Office automation tools (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point)Autonomous University of Barcelona 5 weeksCourse aimed at those users who have knowledge of the use of Microsoft office automation tools.

Technology courses in English

How to sign up for these courses for free

Each educational platform offers different modalities for its courses. If you want to take the free version, just follow the indications in the images:




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