3 applications to send Christmas messages on WhatsApp

There is very little time left for the best time of the year and for us to enjoy the snow, the spirit of Montevideo, gifts and even to undertake decoration projects. December is a month of union, friendship and family, where many people take advantage to meet.

If you want to send a good message, and you do not have ideas to congratulate your contacts, today we are going to give you 3 applications that will help you.

There is an app for anything from those that allow us to make animations to those that allow us to send money. And Christmas are not the exception in Google Play, since they are the ones that give us the possibility to create and send original, creative and personalized Christmas greetings. It is true that there are many, but THE BEST PHRASES OF MERRY CHRISTMAS, Christmas frames and Christmas greetings They give us the option to send the messages by WhatsApp.


The phrases in this application are completely free and are waiting to be downloaded by you. It is ideal to dedicate the phrases to friends, loved ones and all your contacts. The application is structured as follows; Merry Christmas, friends, family and for the love of my life. For your family, you will find phrases like May this Christmas reign love and peace in your home Merry Christmas. There is also another one that says Merry Christmas that your family is the star that shines. In the last place we have phrases for our love such as; Merry Christmas this is the best of Christmas because you are with me love I love you. It should be noted that there are many more, and the application is compatible with almost any mobile. And you can share them with social networks, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Link | Android

Christmas photo frames

Christmas photo frames are essential to add a magical touch to our photographs. In the application you can choose frames with hats, phrases, snowmen, Christmas trees and many more options to send by WhatsApp. The only thing you have to do is select the photograph and the frame that you like the most. In seconds we will have a beautiful postcard to congratulate our loved ones and friends. Among the features, we can take the photo in real time or select an image from the gallery. In addition, we can select the effect that the photograph will have (white, black, sepia, grayscale and more). And obviously, you can share your creations in WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Link | Android and iOS

Merry Christmas 2018-2019

In the application you will find beautiful images of merry christmas 2018-2019 with Christmas phrases and a happy new year. The app comes with a design that allows the user to see all the images on a single screen, so we can choose the one that we liked the most. We can find Christmas trees, snowmen, the birth of Jesus, Santa Claus, Christmas candles and more. Do not forget to congratulate your friends and family with these images and then share them on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail or Twitter.

Link | Android

The 3 applications that we recommend today will help you send an original Christmas message. All your contacts will be happy when a phrase arrives, and they will imagine that you have dedicated time to carry it out. The incredible thing is that you can customize each message, so that it is not the typical phrase that everyone spreads.

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