3 apps and websites to make money from podcasts

The years go by and the podcast is still one of the best ways to communicate with followers of certain topics. Radio-style, we can create a themed podcast and build thousands of talented followers, original content, and a bit of humor, ingredients that have most of today's successful podcasts.

Recording audio programs and broadcasting them on podcast distribution channels is not cheap or easy (mainly if we want good sound quality, since you have to invest in venues, microphones and others), so a return is expected. In today's list we will discuss some existing ways to monetize podcasts, taking into account, of course, that we can also talk about products and services during recording and charge the advertiser for it.

– iVoox: platform that has just launched the first podcast monetization program based on listeners' monthly subscription. Thus, listeners will be able to support their favorite podcasts, and producers will be able to choose between offering exclusive episodes or removing advertising from their patrons. iVoox already started in 2017 tests focused on providing this economic return to the creators, such as the advertising cast, but they have preferred to bet now on the Subscriptions for Fans. The app has more than 10 million audios and more than 40 million listeners a month, so now all that remains is to get the fans and convince them to pay to listen to us.

– a free platform to store our podcasts, with an advertising profit distribution plan for those who already have a good audience.

– Similar to libsyn, you have agreements with several advertisers who will be happy to show advertising on our channels, although they are also more focused on podcasts in English.

In some cases donations are requested from the followers, in others we can put a premium (paid) channel and a free one in which we constantly announce the payment channel, in others we have sponsors who pay a monthly fee to speak with relative frequency about them … The content of the podcast will be key to finding a good business model, although it is still a sector that is not very mature at present, with few advertisers who actually want to appear on the channels.

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