3 cryptocurrency widgets for you to get informed quickly every day from your mobile

If you are immersed in the world of cryptocurrencies and trading, you must be very clear that it is of the utmost importance be informed minute by minute of the markets and last minute movements.

Without a doubt it is more than necessary but, it is not always easy to see it quickly and easily on the mobile. Well, this is not entirely true, since with a few simple widgets I know you can have this information without having to be glued to an application all day.

There are options to choose from, and among those alternatives there are we have chosen the 3 most outstanding, with the most complete information and best performance in general, so do not miss them.

Perhaps it is the best option that we can find in this wide world in which we enter. The Crypto App is a free app with in-app purchases, which allows you to keep track of your favorite digital assets, all from the palm of your hand.

You will have up to 6 different widgets (not all of them are free) to be able to follow up on different markets, either in pairs of euros, dollars, pounds sterling, among many other currencies. There are really hundreds of other things that you can find in The Crypto App, so it would not be bad if you gave it a try.

This is another experienced application to follow most of the markets worldwide, within which cryptocurrencies are obviously. Mainly allows users to create different strategies based on factors such as patterns, charts and indicators, who hide the fact that in reality, TradingView also serves as a widget if you add it to your mobile desktop.

Throughout the day, you may see how your selected cryptocurrencies They change price and all their details at the moment, all without even opening the application.

Last but not least, we came across Bitcoin Ticker Widget, another application developed by XBT Apps that focuses on simplicity and the topic that users really care about: show the value of coins in real time, and its maximum and minimum price for the day.

Even so, as for the widget section, this can really be configured as you want, since it allows change the price colors, the background color itself and the same size. As an extra point, there is the possibility of programming price alerts and reminders to be aware of your selected currencies.

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