3 different ways to shorten links without complications

We are sure that on more than one occasion you will have wanted to share a link through social networks or via email but you will have noticed that the URL is too long, with the drawbacks that this entails. To avoid this type of situation, we recommend using a link shortener. Here are three of the most interesting alternatives.

Google URL Shortener

The operation of the Google alternative is very simple and intuitive. We only have to access the tool's website, indicate the URL that we want to shorten and in a matter of seconds we will obtain a reduced link so that we can share it over the Internet. In addition, Google URL Shortener allows us to check the number of times each generated link has been accessed.


As you could have imagined from the image of the tool, Mosho stands out for being an emoji-based link shortener. Without a doubt, one of the main advantages of using emojis to shorten URLs is the ease of remembering them. Focusing on some of Mosho's most striking features, we cannot fail to highlight its comprehensive statistics section, from which We can consult the origin of the visits in great detail.

TL; DR-ify

To finish the compilation, we found it interesting to highlight a tool with a somewhat different operation. As we can see on the project website, TL; DR-ify is an extension for Google Chrome that It is intended to help us obtain a shortened URL for use with text selections. Once installed, we will be able to share fragments of articles through the Internet without complications, so their use is most interesting in different areas.

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