3 Netflix series you should not miss in 2018

Netflix's entertainment content is getting better and better, so try to always look for great quality titles in all available categories. In this 2018 a large repertoire is prepared with excellent cinematographic bets on the platform with series and movies that are streaming the most important in recent months, so that you do not waste time looking for the best options, below you can see 3 series 100% recommended to enjoy on Netflix in 2018.

Do not miss this list and know a little about the history of each one of them. In this way, you will know that it is an excellent series to enjoy from start to finish. We will even leave the title link on Netflix so that you can proceed to watch the first chapter without any distraction.


It is a story that has life in the town of Winden, a region where nothing, absolutely nothing is normal. The story has as its main protagonist a lost young man of whom no trace of his whereabouts is known. The suspense, the drama, and all the pieces of the puzzle that don't fit will get you caught in this installment. similar to what was seen in Stranger Things.

Dark: link of the series on Netflix

Altered carbon

This series, which will be released on February 2, lives in a fictional and unreal story in which changes of consciousness can be made between different people through advanced technology. A former soldier sentenced to prison must put on his booties to try to solve the case of a billionaire. This title has established itself as one of the most anticipated due to the plot and its good quality in general.

Altered carbon: link of the series on Netflix

For 13 reasons

It is not a particular series that has not yet been released, but rather we refer to one of the best installments that should not be missing from the list due to the story it tells. Based on the BestSeller novel, For 13 Reasons tells the story of a young woman who has committed suicide for different reasons that are told throughout some tapes. Without a doubt, one of the main series that you can not miss in this 2018.

For 13 reasons: link of the series on Netflix

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