3 OpenExpo Europe online events that you can’t miss

If you are interested in technological innovation and open source, you can not stop following the activity of OpenExpo Europe, especially now, that by betting on online events they can distribute their knowledge among more and more people.

Among the events that they have scheduled we have three that attract special attention:

– OpenExpo Virtual Experience 2021: It will take place from June 17 to 21. They will deal with topics on Cybersecurity, Blockchain, AI, Virtual Reality, IoT, Big Data and many others, grouped in more than 50 activities organized by professionals on each topic.

The objective is to promote the sector and generate networking.

– OpenExpo Business Live: CMS / DXP Day: If you are interested in content management systems, be it a CMS or DXP, you cannot miss the event this April 15th.

They will talk about platforms that can help create businesses for B2C (Business to consumer) and for B2B (Business to business), to carry out the digital transformation that many companies need using the best CMS and DXP solutions of the moment.

At the event, we will meet with opinion leaders, IT professionals and recognized experts who will answer our questions live.

– OpenExpo Business Live: Cloud Day: And for May 12 we will have an online event dedicated to the cloud, to how the Cloud world can help businesses save resources and bet on cloud computing. During the next few days we will have on your website the list of experts who will participate in the event.

On the main website they also have links to articles and various information related to the world of Technological Innovation.

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