3 Telegram games to share with your friends

Among so many interesting features that Telegram has, the games within the app are one of the best functions that can be enjoyed for free.

Therefore, we have taken advantage of the free time to test 3 of the best options to play with friends and easily.

One bot

Many of us have spent hours playing the classic UNO board game, in which the objective is to get rid of all the cards that we have taken at the beginning of the game. Well, the plot in the Telegram game is exactly the same: you should try to run out of your cards wisely, while you make the other players lose the possibility of making their moves and thus continue to take more and more cards. As in the other games, you can play just by entering Telegram and entering the name of it in the search option.


This is a game a little more complex than the previous one, where you will have as a main question, Are you the policeman or the infiltrated spy? Your police friends must know who the other officers are so that they can locate the spies through various questions. These questions will yield specific characteristics of a secret site, so you’ll have to ask your police friends for help to crack the case.

In addition to the previous game, there are also groups made up of other people that will allow you to try more challenges and games.

Inline games

This other bot presents a more general proposal by porting various games within itself, such as Connect 4, Chess or Rock, Paper or Scissors And some others. For this bot there is not much else to comment, other than they are games for the most part for two players that will be in charge of providing a little fun to the users.

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