3 things you can’t do with your passwords

More and more stories are heard of someone having their password stolen, of hacks in large companies and data leaked on the web.

Not that they happen more, credential thefts have always happened, and in fact today systems are more secure than before, with two-step verification and other similar resources, but social networks scream louder, that’s why we ended up knowing more cases now than before.

The fact is that there are a series of tips that I want to give you so that your accounts are safe, advice somewhat different from the typical ones, use long passwords and renew them every 6 months.

1 – Don’t post your passwords in Google Drive documents. Although the document is only available to whoever has the link, it can be easily found on Google.

You just have to type in the search engine:

site: * .txt passwords

and you will see a huge amount of documents published by different people with passwords at a glance.

There are even search engines specialized in finding Google Drive public documents, like, for example.

If you want to share passwords with someone, look for another method, like an email in protonmail, a shared account in lastpass or something similar.

two – Don’t use the passwords that everyone uses. In 2018 we published the article the most used passwords in the world. Two years have passed, but they remain the same.

You will be impressed to know how many people use the password 123456. The other day I did calculations: if you enter a full subway car, at least one of the people in there has that password for their email.

3 – Do not divulge passwords in messaging networks. People often forward messages, and you lose absolute control of who has the password and who does not. Technical managers forward their clients’ passwords to temporary managers, and those professionals can forward it to third parties. When we want to find out, there are complete strangers, unrelated to our projects, with the access passwords to our systems.

Always remember these tips, they will help you avoid headaches.

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