3 tips to optimize our Google searches from Chrome

In a previous article we have already told you some tricks and shortcuts for Google searches to have better results without wasting time. Now we complement those options with some little help that we can integrate when using Google Chrome.

For example, a way to Easily discriminate search results at a glance that may seem relevant to us, is using Faviconize Google. Integrate favicons into Google search results, clearly identifying the website or platform, as we see in the image.

On the other hand, if we want to remove from our view those websites that always appear in search results, but that do not offer any use, we can take into account Personal Blocklist, an extension proposed by Google. We will can easily block websites that are annoying us in our searches.

And a last option is Word highlight, which highlights the terms of our search with different colors, so we can easily visualize what we are looking for. It works both in the search engine and when entering any web page suggested in the results. We can customize both the color and the words that we want to highlight.

These are some tips that we can take into account in the long list of options that our searches in Google can facilitate. What other suggestions would you add?

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