3 useful websites you probably don’t know about

Every day we browse hundreds of websites looking for utilities that can help us be more productive, pass the time, streamline tasks, or learn. Of all that enormous number of links, today we have selected three that you probably did not know.

– A website in which we have to put two words and it tells us the difference between them. It is ideal for English learners (it does not work in another language), as it shows subtle differences very correctly. You can test it by looking for the difference between house and home, for example, or try some of the combinations described on reddit.

– Spotify has millions of songs, including some that have NEVER been played. What this website does is search for them and put one of them randomly. The grace of the site is not only discovering new artists, we can also boast of being the first person to have heard a specific song on the Internet.

– And for the older ones, a website that puts random TV shows from the 80’s. We just have to use the menu instructions or just press the space bar to watch one of the many programs available.

We can filter by subject and type of content, as well as jump to versions that show content from the 70s and 90s.

The list of curious things that we find on the web is very long, so I invite you to be attentive for the next one that we are already preparing for next Monday.

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