30,000 followers is what makes you a celebrity, according to the UK Advertising Standards Authority

While in our day to day we try to convince our clients (yes, from WWwhatsnew we also manage the digital presence of several companies) that the number of followers of a profile does not say much, the Advertising Standards Authority of the United Kingdom has decided that s .

Apparently, a profile with more than 30,000 followers can already be considered a celebrity, and therefore has to obey the same rules as traditional celebrities when promoting products on their accounts.

They comment on The Verge that the regulator came to the decision after an Instagram user with 32,000 followers, ThisMamaLife, published an ad for sleeping pills. Although they revealed that the post was an advertisement at the beginning of their description, the ASA ruled that his follower count made him a celebrity and is therefore prohibited from making drug advertisements in the UK.

Initially, Sanofi, the pharmaceutical company that had paid for the ad, argued that ThisMamaLife had a relatively small number of followers compared to more established celebrities. However, the ASA said the rules apply to anyone with more than 30,000 followers.

Those rules do not apply in all countries, in fact, in the United States, celebrities can calmly advertise medications on their networks. What is necessary in most places is to notify when a recommendation is an advertisement and when it is not, although many people ignore that obligation and, according to the FTC, no public action has been taken against those who do not comply.

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