4 tech videos to break ice on Friday night

Friday night came, it was time to sit in a bar with friends to update the news of the week and chat about matters of general interest. Politics, sports, the neighbors of the fifth … but if you want to talk about technology with those who are not very up to the subject, here are four of our videos that can inspire you:

Augmented reality

Although those of us who work with technology know the concepts perfectly, there are millions of people in the world who have no idea what that is. In this video we explain it slowly and with examples:

3d printers

Many of you have one at home, or you know all the models on the market, or you browse websites looking for interesting models to print in 3D, but I can assure you that the concept is still a great unknown for most.

In this other video, you play it, along with other great inventions of the century:

Wonders of technology

If what you want is to show strange inventions, curious things and futuristic devices that already exist, take a look in this video, where we review some news:


And finally, wearables, a concept that many more people know and that we explained in the video that we published yesterday:

Happy Friday!

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