4 videos in Spanish playing the new Doom

The launch of the new is approaching DOOM, and the amateur players are already waiting for him, counting the minutes, to be able to lay a hand on him.

Now that the open beta has already been released, some Spanish-speaking youtubers like Vegetta777, WillyRexy and MYM ALK4PON3 have been able to try it out in person, and here we bring you the four videos showing, with their usual funny comments, what we can expect from the game .

Weapons, shots and monsters

About creating maps in Doom

Giving out chewing gum

As a sniper

Remember that DOOM arrives in stores on May 13, at which time a legend will be reborn in its category. It is still important to note that yes, Doom was a legend, it was installed on more computers than Windows 95 itself, but now we are living in other times, where the options are much more numerous, so we can not expect the numbers from 20 years ago.

The creators of Doom launched a kickstarter campaign a few days ago to raise $ 700,000 that would allow them to develop a new game, but since they only presented drawings, no prototype or anything playable, they have withdrawn it today with just over 130,000 already obtained.

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