4 websites you never imagined existed

Once again, in the midst of a resource dedicated to increasing our productivity and better recording our day-to-day data, we show you four websites with more than questionable utility, but with a 10 in originality.

1 – Donald Trump, the most controversial candidate for the presidency of the United States, known, among other things, for his hate speech to the immigrant community (remember that he wants to build a giant wall to separate Mexico from the United States) , has now received a surprising tribute. It is a website in which we can make drawings with his face, there are faces with different shades so that the results are as varied as possible. You just have to choose the desired face and start painting.

2 – More than 1000 styles of music, with examples of each: rock, pop, dance pop, hip hop, alternative rock, pop rap, metal, protopunk, motown, juggalo… there are so many styles of music in the world (and in history) that it is difficult to make a list with all of them, but on this website they have succeeded. There are almost 1,400 different types, and when we click on one of them we will arrive at an example song, being necessary to have a spotify account to listen to it.

3 – All meteorites that have fallen on Earth: An online map, created in cartodb, that records all the meteorites that have fallen on our planet, indicating the type, weight and year in which it was found.

4 – The equation corresponding to the text we write tells us: Generally, the mathematical calculation websites make the graph of the equation that we indicate, but this time it is the opposite. We just have to write a text and get the mathematical equation that represents it.

If you want to continue expanding the list, the comments are open.

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