40 new resources for web design and programming professionals

In our new compilation of resources for web design and programming we have obtained 40 new elements that can be used for free.

Line, solid and colored line icons, amazing fonts for web content, gothic logos of yesteryear, a Google font combination pack, text effects in PSD for nen style, a professional corporate brochure template, a plugin for Sketch and Photoshop to visualize Google Fonts, online tools for color palettes, a collection of games to learn and reinforce code techniques, an on-the-go co-pilot to program, a template kit, graphic interface kits for mobile phones. Material Design style, plugins to display products in 360, stable pages when loading images, CSS frameworks, tweetable texts, timepickers, snippets of code for 3D illustrations in css, accordions, puzzle gallery, professional PSD templates for web pages and much more. ms:

Architecture: Outlined Icon Pack

Caddy: Web Server Over HTTP / 2 Web Server

Carbon: UI Kit In Material Design For eCommerce Apps

Chart.js: HTML5 Graphics For Your Website

Full Cheat Sheet For Bootstrap 4

Clemo: PSD Blog Site Template

Collection Of Games And Puzzles To Improve Your Programming Skills

Lisa Color: Color Palette Of Great Artists

Courier Prime Sans: Elegant Sans Font

Demonius Regular: Retro Gothic Font

Flexbox: Build Incredible Interfaces With CSS Flexbox

Fontea: Google Fonts Plugin For Photoshop And Sketch

Wyre: Flowchart Kit

Fuel-UI: Angular 2 Element Kit

Goo: 3D Illustration Interactive CSS In JavaScript With The Mouse

Galley Grid Puzzle Shape

Impalette: Find the Dominant Colors of an Image

InlineTweet.js: Create Tweetable Texts

Huge Collection of Icons for iPhone

Graphics Interface Kit For iOS9

Wireframe Template Kit In Material Design

Kite: Programming Copilot

Responsive Chord Layout To Window Size

Packaging And CD Cover PSD Mockup

Neon: Text Style Effect In PSD

Neptun: Mobile Dashboard UI Kit

Pack of 50 Font Combinations

Patagonia: User Interface Kit

Portland: PSD Website Template

RevolutionForm: Creative Form That Rotates Fields And Marks Percentage

Scrollbear: Keep Your Scroll Position Fixed While Loading Images

Colorful And Outlined Icon Set

Shoe: ECommerce Site PSD Template

Sierra: Small and Light CSS Framework

Table In Pure CSS Highlighting Of Fields

Modern Administrator Board In PSD

Teal: Corporate Brochure Template

Timedropper: TimePicker Plugin For jQuery

Turntable.js: Slider From jQuery To Show Product In 360

Shoe: ECommerce Site PSD Template

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