48 years since the human being arrived at the Moon: this is his legacy

48 years since the human being arrived at the Moon: this is his legacy

Houston, here Tranquility Base, the eagle has landed.

Today, 48 years ago, Commander Neil Armstrong stepped on the Moon for the first time, and with him, humanity. The mission, Apollo 11, lasted almost 196 hours (more than 8 days). They arrived at Traquility Base, the place where the moon landing occurred and remained on the lunar surface for 21 and a half hours.

But it was not the first time it was attempted. In 1967, two years earlier, the Apollo I mission (initially known as AS-204) caught fire along with the 3 crew, who died.

Since then, there have been 10 more manned missions to the natural satellite. However, the man had no greater interest in returning until this from 1975, when the Apollo Program ended with the Apollo-Soyuz mission aboard the Saturn IB rocket.

Apollo 11: a small step for a man, or for man?

The official version, that of NASA, says that Neil Armstrong spoke the words Thats one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, which means in Spanish A small step for man (that is, for humanity), a great leap for the humanity.

Instead, the commander assured until the day of his death in 2012 that he really saidThats one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind, which totally changes the meaning of the phrase: A small step for a man (specifically, a small step from Neil), a great leap for humanity.

The confusion comes from his accent, which being Ohio, USA, he pronounces for as simply for. There are people who have even studied the recording and who say that they know that the pronunciation was pronounced, but that it is simply not appreciated. However, in the spectrogram generated from the recordings s est.

Hundreds of hours available

Due to the anniversary of the landing on the lunar surface, NASA has uploaded 300 space mission videos to YouTube in addition to other documents. In these, we can see not only takeoffs and landings, but also other types of experiments.

For example, we have available (above) one of the experiments that may have made the most impression: they crashed a Boeing 720 to learn about the consequences and the possibility of survival, as well as to know exactly what would happen to the fuel. Come on, practically like the tests that are done with cars, but with a plane of millions.

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center Channel

Tour of the international space station

international space station iss google street view

Google has enabled today through Street View the possibility of taking a walk inside the space station (ISS). We have a total of 17 routes and with them we have the possibility to see all (or almost all) the instances of the permanent station.

But the arrival on the Moon was not only a milestone for humanity for the simple fact of having brought two men to be on the Moon. Really, space missions had changed our lives. And it is that, thanks to the space race we have such basic inventions as the vitroceramic, the freeze-dried food, the satellite television, the smoke detector and many more things.

Will we be back someday?

NASA has already affirmed that it does not have a budget to reach Mars before 3 to 7 years, as Donald Trump wants, not even before 2030. Furthermore, they cannot put any date to mark it on the calendar, because it would not be possible. Therefore, the American interest in returning to the Moon may be greater.

liu yang chinese space program

What we do know for sure is that other countries such as Russia, China or Japan have proposed to go, so it could be said unofficially that the second space race has begun, although in this case it would not be global, but Asian.

Japan, in particular, is in quite a hurry and wants to arrive before 2025. In addition, they assume that they cannot do it individually and that it is very possibly jointly with another country, possibly with Russia or China, although it remains to be seen.

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