5 advantages of Flexclip when editing video for social networks

Video editing is no longer a necessary skill for only a handful of professionals in the world, every creator on social networks needs to edit video in one way or another, and that is why more and more intuitive solutions are appearing. that do not require as much knowledge as those of Adobe and others like them.

One of them is Flexclip, an online tool that we have been using for a few weeks and that has several really interesting functions.

Let’s see a summary of the advantages:

– We can create videos using predefined templates, so that if we are in a hurry we can choose not to start from scratch and choose a solution that suits our content well. – It is possible define the format with a single click, and the content is automatically adapted to reduce the changes we have to make as much as possible. In this way, a tiktok video becomes a square video for Instagram feed in a few seconds.– Includes free music rights to set the content, so we don’t have to spend time searching for free music for our projects.– We can include as many bits of video as we want, and customize duration of each one, adapting to the material that we have previously recorded or captured. It is even possible to cut the videos that we have uploaded from the same Flexclip, to transform a video into small fragments of a few seconds each. – It has fonts and special effects for the letters.

Once the video is created, we can export it in different resolutions, 1080p being reserved for the Premium plan.

With the mentioned resources it is possible to create videos like the ones we publish daily on

You can test the tool at

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