5 Instagram accounts to inspire you to travel the world

Not all of us can afford to travel to some part of the world whenever we want. Millions suffer this desire, but only a few are dedicated to traveling to teach us the landscapes, cultures and hundreds of things from different regions.

So if you are looking for extra help to inspire you to travel or simply to know places from the comfort of your device, here we leave you a selection with 5 of the best Instagram accounts.chrisburkard: With 3.2 million followers and a list with more than 3,350 posts, Chris Burkard has managed to win with a large number of followers who do not lose sight of any photo that goes up related to trips to deserts, beaches, peaks, mountains, highways and other scenarios. This verified account is managed by a photographer passionate mainly about capturing seascapes and where only one person or subject is present.

But of course, this blogger also has all kinds of captures related to other topics such as night photography, quite shady scenarios, etc. Alanxelmundo: Alan is a Mexican dedicated to traveling the world to show hundreds of things related to a city, its culture and what can be found there. He is mainly a vlogger with great receptivity to Spanish-speaking users, although he also has an Instagram account where retracts incredible places with ancient and modern structures.

In your account you will find publications related to the best moments during your trip to a region, so you will always find new photos and of unbeatable quality.

civilking: 1.2 million followers endorse the great work of this photographer named Mehmet Krali. In your profile you can find Images ranging from structures, people posing at precise moments, sunsets and animals, to night photos and dedicated to showing the details that can happen in the background for many of us.

theplanetd: In particular, I must say that it has been one of the best accounts I have seen in recent months. Dave and Deb are in charge of giving life to this account that has been nominated among the 10 best traveling influencers in the world. In your catalog we have catch of 105 passes distributed in the 7 continents, not bad in case you want to get inspired and select your next destination based on an image taken at the right time.

vutheara: If instead of looking at photos from hundreds of countries you want to focus on the heart of France, Paris, then VuTheara Kham will be your personal host. In his profile he has 1.2 million followers and it has more than 1,300 photos of restaurants, structures and other landscapes of the city of love. Without a doubt, another help to convince yourself that you should visit Paris.

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