5 keys to position your business on Amazon

Amazon is the marketplace par excellence in the ecommerce sector. Its Prime service has 130 million subscribers worldwide, growing at a rate of 90,000 new users every day. Only in the last quarter of 2020, the platform’s international business sales grew by 57%. In Spain, e-commerce increased 36% last year, with Amazon leading the sector.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that a business is present on Amazon, and that it also knows how to position itself optimally to make its products competitive.

Amazon Ads It is used by 98% of the brands that are on the platform. Daniel Crestelo, founding partner of B2MarketPlace, which is now part of Rebold, believes that it is mandatory to use it because it offers the opportunity to differentiate yourself in a very competitive market. In addition, it is a planetary showcase for your business. But … how can you take full advantage of this feature?

1- Amazon not a fast sales channel. You have to build demand, and the quality of the product and the after-sales service are essential to be able to generate evaluations. The consumer has become a consumer-actor, and ratings help a lot to position, says Daniel Crestelo. In this sense, it is important to manage the expectation of the product well.

2- One quality product sheet it’s key. It is the only way to explain the quality of what you offer and the brand stores (the page that Amazon gives to each brand).

3- Communication strategy: this product card must be optimized with keywords. Controlling the semantic field is vital. Amazon has Sponsor Products and Sponsor Brands services available. They are bidding models for keywords similar to Google’s, although with a different structure in terms of the weight of the words and the cost of the CPC’s. In addition, Amazon is a closed ecosystem and the conversion is much higher, so campaigns can perform more easily.

4- Expand the speaker investing in advertising. It is advisable to work and invest in the chosen keywords to position yourself on them in front of your competition.

5- Advice: Amazon is a very profitable channel, with a lot of scalability, but with a lot of technical competence, so having a professional partner to guide you through the process is the best option. As Daniel Crestelo recalls, we have never encountered a channel with such a high concentrated demand and such a low barrier to entry to enter an international market. It is optimal for SMEs if they have a professionalized structure and a partner that helps them take advantage of the performance of the channel.

These are the main premises to optimize the presence of a business on Amazon. It should be noted that this platform is a generalist channel and not very specialized, so it is attractive for different sectors: technology and electronics, furniture and appliances, toys, hobbies, Do It Yourself …

Ecommerce is growing unstoppably around the world, and the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated changes in habits in consumers, who are increasingly active in digital environments.

Article written by Daniel Crestelo, from B2MarketPlace-Rebold, for

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