5 myths about carbohydrates you should know

5 myths about carbohydrates you should know

If the other day we talk to you about the neurological causes of rebound effectToday we bring you another topic of great importance now that we all seem to go crazy with leaving a few kilos facing the summer.

And is that one of the great enemies of this type of routines are the carbohydrates, who become the bad witch of the story by being involved in a large number of myths about they detrimental effects for health and weight loss.

However, not everything is black or white; since, although it is true that we should not abuse them, we should not leave them entirely aside, since they represent a wide range of benefits for our health. For this reason, the YouTube channel Business Insider uses one of his videos to publicize what these carbohydrate myths, thereby preventing more than one unconscious act during the bikini operation.

1. All carbohydrates make you fat

Leaving aside the easy joke that states that it is not carbohydrates that make you fat, but we do it, if we are fair the truth is that not everyone makes us get fat similarly, nor do they do it directly.

The problem is not in its simple consumption, but in what quantities we take and what do we accompany them with. For example, it is not the same to have a plate of macaroni with vegetables than the same portion of pasta covered in chorizo ​​sauce.

Therefore, the solution is to choose healthy sources of carbohydratestry to have a correct balance between the calories consumed and the spent ones and to watch with what we accompany these foods.

2. Carbohydrates means sugar, flour and pasta

Admit it, when we think of carbohydrates sas are the first images that come to everyone’s mind.

The first term is easily confused, since carbohydrates break down into a sugar, called glucose.

However the table sugar The typical one with which we sweeten coffee is not only made up of glucose, since it also contains fructose, a substance much more linked to the appearance of obesity.

On the other hand, flour and pasta They are not the only foods based on cabohydrates, as fruits and vegetables they are also a great source of them.

3. Decreasing the amounts of carbohydrates in the diet is always good

Carbohydrates represent a large number of benefits for our health. On the one hand, they provide all the energy necessary for the proper functioning of our body and regulate functions as important as the control of insulin and glucagn in the blood.

On the other, they break down into glucose, which is an essential fuel for the proper functioning of Our brain. And if the brain doesn’t work well, imagine what happens to the rest of the body.

Therefore, great care must be taken when decreasing carbohydrate amounts, since if we sneak in we can have serious health problems. Furthermore, these levels are not a fixed value, since they will depend on the Lifestyle that we carry, being for example much higher the requirement of a athlete than that of a sedentary person.

4. If you lower your carbohydrate levels you will not gain weight

Indeed, if we have a diet rich in carbohydrates, our body will have to find a new one power source, so go to fat storesmaking us lose weight.

However, that does not mean that we cannot earn it on the other hand, since other types of food, such as those rich in fats, also provide a large number of calories, which can be translated into a weight gain.

In addition, as I told you in the previous section, the price we can pay for reducing carbohydrate levels can be very high.

5. Fiber doesn’t matter

One of the great carbohydrate partners is the fiber, which is usually associated with them in a large number of foods. Although it is a substance that hides myths in both senses, the truth is that it neither has super powers nor is it useless, since the Soluble fiber has shown in recent studies to provide a large number of benefits to our health.

For example, it reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease, helps regulate cholesterol levels and provides a increased satiety, making it a good incentive for diets.

As you can see, the carbohydrates they are not our enemies at all. We simply have to learn how we should treat them.

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