5 New Android Games You Can Try Right Now

Instead of focusing on games that already have time and fame in the market, today we bring a list with 5 of those games that have been released recently and that deserve a chance in our newsroom.

So with no more time to waste, here we have some free and paid alternatives that can be downloaded from Android.

Kitty Letter is a video game developed by Exploding Kittens, Inc and it is a word and letter selection game, in which according to the words you use, you will have to attack your enemies. You can play 1v1 online, in addition to playing alone against the game itself. Its download is free and has in-app purchases that go up to $ 2.99.

Adventure creation developed by Crescent Moon Games that has just appeared on Google Play. In this game inspired by the Zelda series, you will have to enter in the depths of the dungeons to get the loot that it takes to defeat the bosses of the game. This is a paid title, priced at $ 3.99 and has no ads.

Senso no Ken: Miles Layered Edge is an interesting puzzle title presented in ink drawings on parchment paper, which gives a pretty nice visual effect to see. As for the objective, by tapping and sliding the screen you can attack, dodge and stop, in addition to interacting with the puzzles that are displayed. It is available for only $ 0.99 and does not contain advertising inside.

As its name suggests, City Builder Puzzle Challenge is a city building game in which you will have to solve some puzzles, this to create the structures you need in your city. It is quite dynamic and less stressful than it may seem, and it is also available for free.

Another tower defense-style video game comes to the Play Store, and this is Don’t eat Pete – Zombie survival, a title created by Idle Game Studios and that recently attracted attention on the Reddit platform. Set traps to protect your base and overcome waves of zombies It will be the task that you will have to fulfill in this game, which is free to download.

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