5 new features presented in iOS 14 that were already on Android for a long time

When reviewing some of the novelties presented in iOS 14, the new version of Apple’s operating system, we have realized that this update brings with it certain features that we have seen in Android for a while.

That those of the bitten apple have given several important blows in the launch of their new OS, does not mean that everything announced is completely new. But come on, without more to say, let’s go with the top 5 similarities.

Picture in Picture mode, on Android since 2017 with Android Oreo

Thanks to this novelty presented at the Apple event (here is the article with all the information), now you can, for example, watch a series or movie on Netflix while replying to a message on WhatsApp or browsing another application. Without a doubt, a huge leap in multitasking.

App drawer, on Android since 2016

If memory serves us correctly, since 2016 the Android 6.0 Marshmallow version introduced this feature in which hundreds of launchers with very good customization functions have been presented. Apple, looking for a more original look, has decided to have an app drawer that opens from the right and sort all the apps that are not on the screen main of the mobile.

Widgets, on Android for almost a lifetime

One of the characteristics that has been present in the DNA of Android is the widget function, which allows you to obtain information from an application without having to fully access it. In iOS there was already the option of widgets, but this was not entirely intuitive or stylish, as it could not be integrated into the desktop along with the other tools.

Now, Apple has done a good job of having complete widgets and with more aesthetics, a point where Android should improve going forward.

Privacy and permissions in applications, on Android from version 5.1

Since Android version 5.1 was introduced, permissions can be granted or denied so that applications can perform certain tasks. Google has created specific sections to be able to know this from the mobile or from the computer.

On the other hand, in iOS 14 you can see what types of permissions an app needs, being able to view this information from the App Store or when downloading the application.

Instant apps

Last but not least, we found an option that we have heard since 2017. With this novelty added by Google a long time ago, You can access applications without having to download them completely, as they are loaded as if they were web pages. In the Google search engine the Instant label appears to notify that the tool can be used without downloading it completely.

What should be noted is that Apple has worked this tool very well, to the point that Either with links within other applications, through QR codes or NFC tags you can access instant apps, which adds ease when it comes to enjoying the content.

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