5 of the tech companies that have made the most money during the pandemic

Not many companies presume an increase in profits since the pandemic reached us around the world as a result of covid-19.

However, just focusing on the technology area, I know that there are several companies that have seen how their shares have risen in price and therefore, how the coffers have been increasing millions of dollars in profits. This is the top 5 according to the most recent report.

# 5 – Tencent

According to the article Thriving in a Pandemic: the 100 best companies, published by the Financial Times, the technology firm Tencent is in fifth place on the list, beating multinationals such as Facebook, Nvidia, Alphabet and T-Mobile, among others. The current value of the company is about $ 93 billion. The value of Each share before the pandemic was HK $ 373 (€ 43) and the current value is HK $ 460.4 (€ 53.06).

Let’s remember that Tencent has a catalog of applications, games and services that include WeChat, PUBG and subsidiary companies such as Riot Games, Epic Games and Ubisoft, among others.

# 4 – Tesla

Elon Musk has injected his capital into a slew of projects, but Tesla is one of the most outstanding. This company, dedicated especially to the manufacture of electric cars, has seen a significant increase in its shares after a series of projects that are on the table: perfecting the software and retrofitting factories, million kilometer electric batteries and modifying the car ownership model with fleets of automated robotaxis.

Thanks to this, and the push given by Musk himself on his Twitter account, Pre-pandemic stocks were at $ 667.9, but now each is at $ 994.32 at the time of writing this article. With this, the value of the company is 108,400 million dollars.

# 3 – Apple

At the intermediate point we have those with the bitten apple. After the closure of more than 500 stores globally, Apple was forced to reinvent itself to cope with potential losses. So for want of a novelty, those of Cupertino New iPhone, iMac and MacBook Air announced amid pandemic. And of course, as if that were not enough, they presented iOS 14, the new version of their operating system (here is the post with all the details).

Actually, $ 219.1 billion is the value of the company and its shares were traded at $ 273.36 to rise to $ 358.87.

# 2 – Microsoft

The numbers speak for themselves and Microsoft boasts of them well: more than 90 million players online on Xbox Live during the month of April, the Azure cloud platform is being an indispensable digital tool for companies, the Teams app continues to receive more users to be able to make calls between the workforce of the companies and stop counting.

With the statistics in favor, the value of the company is 269.9 billion dollars. Before the pandemic, the value of a stock was $ 158.18, but right now it is at $ 200.57.

# 1 – Amazon

And yes, of course the top 5 is led by the world’s largest online sales platform. Led by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has become the main shopping and shipping alternative for millions of people who prefer to stay at home and receive the products with the least possible risk of contagion.

Although it had been expected that the pandemic would cause Amazon to have the first quarterly loss since 2015, the truth is that the numbers were in the opposite direction and thanks to that the value of the company is $ 401,100 million, with shares worth today $ 2,686.71. Before COVID-19, the value of a share was $ 1,883.85.

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