5 times people tried to marry their electronic devices

5 times people tried to marry their electronic devices

As incredible as it may seem, there are people in this crazy world who try to marry their smartphone.

Yesterday was LGBT Pride Day, also known as Gay Pride Day. It is a day not only of celebration, but also of protest at the dire situation in which gay, bisexual and trans people live on a daily basis.

In several countries of the world they cannot even do something as basic as getting married, and in many they are actively persecuted for trying. I am the hashtag # HeterosexualPrideDay that, half jokingly, half seriously, has appeared today on Twitter and other social networks, made me think about the number of times that a person has been able to marry animals and objects (without his consent, everything must be said).

And since we are in Omicrono, that led me to look the number of times a person attempted to marry their technology device, or something similar. Yes, the paths my mind follows are inscrutable, but since I have spent so much time looking for examples, what better way than to share it with our readers.

The number of occasions in which this has happened is so high that I cannot fit in the article, suffice it to say that there are many more examples and that I have selected the most striking ones.

Man manages to marry his smartphone, buys a case with ring

Las Vegas hosted the nuptials of Aaron Chervenak with his smartphone (apparently an iPhone). Dressed in a tuxedo and with a white cover she (yes, the cell phone is a woman according to our protagonist), the wedding was not legal, but at least it had proceeding.

This is the most recent example of a person marrying an electronic device, and it was this month. All with the aim of sending a message about how precious our smartphones have become.

Man wants to marry his Macbook full of porn to get revenge on gays

Chris Sevier, a Florida man, stated that, if gays could get married, then he wanted to, too, but with his Macbook. He has been trying it in Florida and Utah since 2014.

The man supposedly realized that he preferred sex with his computer than with real women, since at least his laptop is full of porn. It was clear that it was an advertising maneuver to criticize gay marriage, but it came out of the butt since when we searched for his name on Google, all we found were stories of people who wanted to sleep with his computer.

Man wants to marry his girlfriend, the one who lives on a Nintendo DS

This case comes from Japan, of course. A very common type of game is that of dating simulators, which allow us to have a virtual girlfriend (or boyfriend) with their own personality.

Of course, most players do not take the dai suki of the characters seriously, Sal 9000 (real name unknown) is not one of them, that is clear, and in 2009 rose to fame for wanting to marry Nene Anegasaki, one of the characters in Love Plus for Nintendo DS, a game that allows you to use the touch screen to touch the girls’ faces and thus increase their appreciation (!?).

Woman tries to marry her laptop, Alex calls him

In 2010 Hermione Way confessed to everyone that she had lived 11 months as the wife of Alex, a handsome computer with whom she has spent every minute of the past two years.

It is not known if Hermione is still with the same computer or has cheated on him with a model that can run Windows 10, but at the time she was very devoted.

Man wants to marry Siri, gets second best

To Sam Smith, Siri was more than just a personal assistant, he was an entity that was always there, ready to answer every one of his questions. And when the program failed, he cried inconsolably.

It got to the point that Smith wanted to marry Siri, but of course, he is a healthy person who knows that this is not possible. He realized this when he asked her for marriage and sex for the last time, and just then the iPhone battery ran out. and the mobile went out. And then they say there are no signs from heaven.

So he put up an ad on the internet imploring any woman to marry him to be his Siri. Amazingly, he was successful, proving that if you don’t have a girlfriend it’s because you don’t want to. Now he lives happily with a woman willing to answer all his questions at any time, although it is unclear what she is taking.

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