5 tips to improve the quality of WhatsApp video calls

Video calls have a before and after since the pandemic is part of our days. Either at work or personal level, It is one of the most used tools todayHence, it is vital to have a good quality when speaking with other people.

In this sense, WhatsApp continues to be the leader in the area of ​​communication. Therefore, in the absence of one, below we will teach you up to 5 tricks to increase the quality in each video call you make on your mobile. With them, you will decrease pixel problems, uncontrolled audio, among other things. To take note from now on.

Try to close all background apps

It is important to try to close all those applications that we are not using, since these not only rob us of a certain amount of internet, but also make the battery percentage drop faster. They are also capable of gradually overheating the phone, which is not good at all, so it is a tip that can save you.

Pause and avoid downloading any content while on a video call

If you think that downloading an entire movie or video game while on a video call is good, maybe you should take a closer look at the matter. Although you may not notice it at first, this as such what I will do is saturate the call and slow down the operation of your phone, so stop the downloads you have, wait until you finish and then notice the change.

Find a place with good lighting

This tip may not sound important, but if there is something that slows down a video call is to be placed in places behind the light or in windows with great clarity. To keep everything balanced, try to regulate the lighting around you with a lamp in front of you to demonstrate a better image and even a more professional environment.

Turn video on and off

This tip should theoretically have some impact, even a minimal one, on the quality of the video within the call. If you can do without the video of the call for a moment, the best thing would be that you keep activating and deactivating that option a couple of times and see if there is any improvement in quality. If you see that nothing changes, or worse still, that it gets worse, continue by the voice call and try the process again after a while.

Constantly clean the cameras

Finally, we discuss what is perhaps the most important advice: keep camera lenses clean, both the front and the back. They often have a footprint on them or are dusty. and this is what does not really allow it to be seen correctly. Using a fine tissue or cotton swab, gently wipe around the lens and see if that was the problem.

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