5 tricks to keep Windows 10 in shape

The reasons why our PC or laptop becomes slow and unproductive they can be almost uncountable. Whether on the hardware side, the software side, or the computer’s own system, the fact is that it’s not going the way it should.

Therefore, it is inevitable to find out How can such a performance problem be solved? so this is no longer a headache, and luckily there is more than one solution.

Clear hard drive space

What do you do when an electronic device is saturated in terms of its space? Exactly, internal data and files that consume a lot of space but are actually completely unnecessary should be removed. Fortunately, the same operating system has a feature called Disk Cleanup, which fulfills this task effectively, in addition to not resorting to using third-party services.

Clean the Windows registry

Now we go on to delve a little more into what are the Windows registries themselves, where all the references that are stored of an uninstalled program are located. It sounds and turns out to be something with a higher degree of complexity, so we recommend doing it together with someone who has a certain notion of what is being done.

To access this area, press the Win + R keys on your keyboard at the same time and then when the application launcher opens, carry out the next step, which is to type regedit there. When you hit enter be when you enter the registry editorgo to File and then click on Export to avoid losing anything in case of errors.

Go to HKEY_USERS / .DEFAULT / Software and look for the content that is related to the programs that you have decided to eliminate. Be careful to delete an entire folder of files that you are still interested in rather than going straight for the application that you should delete.

Activate the storage sensor

This last trick is about a function that does periodic cleanings in order to keep the computer as clean as possible. To find and activate this function you must follow the following procedure: enter Configuration, then System and finally Storage.

Go to the Configure Storage Sensor tab and activates the lever for the function to start working. To be clear, this will start cleaning up that dead space that apps you don’t use are consuming, so take precautions.

Delete all temporary files that are just consuming space

This is quite an interesting trick, since it allows you to remove a good amount of space that is actually retained, since it is being consumed by junk files. To go to the section that we want you will first have to enter the Windows configuration, then System and then Storage.

A tab called Temporary Files will be displayed. Get in there and delete files that do not serve you, and the job is done.

Be careful with viruses and the same antivirus

This is one of the most important things you can do when carrying out a complete cleaning of your PC, and it is that on the internet there are many recommendations by experienced people in the area of ​​computers, who indicate that the antivirus itself can be the cause of many problems, letting us see that if they do not trust these programs much, the rest of the users should also consider things twice.

Not to mention viruses, who can really infect any computer and not only can slow it down, but more serious problems than that could appear. Therefore, the ideal is that with Windows’ own pre-installed antivirus (Windows Defender) a cleaning is carried out complete to get out of any doubt.

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