5 ways to get the most out of your Acer Travelmate B117 at school

Going to school without a good laptop is inconceivable today: it limits the possibilities for learning, the skills you can acquire and the knowledge you can exploit. What's more, teachers have already forgotten about going to class, opening the book and starting to write on the board. What we are looking for now is that students do not have to face assignments alone in class.

More and more teachers are joining this of the digital educational revolution. The idea is about creating online content, such as presentations where math problems are explained step by step or videos where language sentences are unraveled. The options are endless and give the student the opportunity to study it a thousand times, stop it, go back, or move on. If after an exercise sheet is distributed, the teachers can walk around the class to answer questions and be aware of each child, in a personalized and individual way.

And what do we gain from this system? Above all, time in class. You can do more exercises per day and advance topics much faster than with traditional study. It also improves communication between students, since they can help each other with the exercises. Or they can even solve doubts by themselves, without asking the teachers, since they can go back to see previous lessons and clarify the concepts.

Therefore, if you want to take on this challenge in learning, the TravelMate B series notebooks are specially designed for this use, and specifically the Travelmate B117 stands out in this category.

We are talking about a hard and resistant laptop that has a robust design and specific functions for students and teachers, and in this list we discuss 5 ways to make the most of it at school:

one – Using LED lights Multicolor Acer TeachSmart so that the teacher can ask multiple-choice questions to the class and the students respond in real time by means of the corresponding colored lights, visible from the outside of the laptop, so they do not need to get up to see the results or receive No email response file.

2 – Open it in 180 to make it easier to work in a group, making it possible to lay it flat on the table so that everyone can see what is being shown on the screen.

3 – Take advantage of their antennas Wireless 802.11ac 2 × 2 and its MIMO modules to facilitate wireless connectivity and thus increase the productivity of a workgroup.

4 – Take it to the laboratory or carry out work abroad, since it has a robust rubber band that protects from bumps and falls. The keyboard is resistant to any liquid spilled by accident and its hinges are designed to hold 25,000 openings, so there is no fear of it breaking due to excessive use.

5 – Write the notes for hours on end without worrying about the battery, since it has up to 13 hours of autonomy. It is designed for students, and note that there is no plug on all work tables.

When you are a teacher, and you have dozens of students with a laptop at each table, the same concern always appears: the fear of distraction, of loss of productivity when having a resource of these characteristics at hand. Acer solutions help to provide greater control, remote information management, and we can see a clear example in the Travelmate B117. The Acer TeachSmart resource, for example, allows the teacher to know at all times the answers that the student is indicating on his computer, with indicator lights on the back, but it is not the only resource that helps us feel calmer : its resistance, its autonomy and the possibility of using it as a screen for work groups make it the ideal option for most classes.

Without a doubt, an excellent option to use technology without fear.

For more information on Acer Education solutions see here.

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