6 free video editors worth trying

It is always good to have a video editor on your computer. The usefulness of audiovisual material in the digital world is increasingly wide, so having a good tool for this purpose can save you from more than one trouble.

The most common thing is to think of a paid alternative when talking about video editors. However, there are free options that are up to the task to produce very good quality parts. In this compilation we select the best ones.


A free and open source option. All of its tools are freely accessible, without additional registration or steps.

Its interface is intuitive to use and has a wide variety of effects, transitions and titles that can be used to customize your audiovisual creation.

It allows you to work with an unlimited number of tracks and despite the fact that its interface can attract attention because of its simplicity, it allows you to create more advanced compositions.

This editor is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to make edits with a higher finish, starting from a basic knowledge base.

Link: Openshot


Another free and open source alternative. Although it was conceived as a 3D animation tool, it has some video editing utilities that range from simple tasks, such as making basic montages, to more advanced actions, such as creating skins.

If you have some experience editing videos or doing multimedia work in general, you can give Blender a try. Otherwise, its interface and large number of tools could be overwhelming.

Link: Blender


In terms of features, this editor, which is also free and open source, is very similar to Openshot. However, it has a strength that few free programs in this category can boast: its support for clips in 4K resolution.

It has a large selection of audio and video filters and effects and has the ability to work smoothly with clips of different resolutions and frame rates.

Its interface may seem somewhat complex for those who are not used to working with this type of program, but it more than meets the expectations that one may have about a free editor.

Link: Shotcut


Despite being commercial software, its free version is still a powerful enough option that deserves to be mentioned here.

Among its functions, in addition to having characteristics similar to those of most of the editors listed here, it allows working with multi-camera video, managing a group of synchronized clips that correspond to the same scene with the possibility of switching between them.

Its cutting and editing tools are highly precise, it offers support for a large number of codecs and it allows you to export videos directly to YouTube, although only at 720p if the free version is used.

Link: Lightworks


The best option for those starting out on this path, as its simple interface and the presence of the most essential tools make the experience totally intuitive, even for the first approaches.

Its usefulness lies mainly in making simple cuts, minor edits, applying transitions and encoding the result.

For jobs that require more dedication, this free, open source editor might be insufficient.

Link: Avidemux

DaVinci Resolve

Since its Studio version is well known, dedicated to professional audiovisual work, DaVinci Resolve also has a free version, which includes several tools for advanced use.

This tool is emerging as one of the preferred solutions for color correction of edited clips, including tools for audio mastering, multi-camera editing and advanced clip trimming.

Although its focus is primarily aimed at professional users, the use of this editor is still intuitive. However, for simple tasks, this editor may be a bit large in those cases.

Link: DaVinci Resolve

All the editors mentioned here are available for free in their Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

A common criticism we heard a few years ago was a weakness that the offer of free software dedicated to video editing had. Excessively limited features and annoying watermarks among commercial options, plus a weak offer in the world of free software, describe a panorama that today we can see how it is left behind, eliminating the exclusive dependence that at one time existed around software programs. payment that, despite guaranteeing excellent quality results in many cases, is not always affordable.

The options listed here are tailored for users of varying levels of experience and for various purposes of use. If an editor catches your attention, just download it to test how it works.

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