7 alternatives to News Republic for reading news

I particularly like to be informed, and even about aspects that go beyond technology, so I have some applications on my mobile that allow me to be aware of the topics that interest me.

And despite the fact that there are few applications that I actually use, although sufficient for the amount of information they provide me, on the Internet we can find many more options, some of which we have just selected for all those who want to have one or more. various news aggregation applications, and more so now when News Republic is no longer a valid option.

We start with this outstanding option, which allows us to create our personalized news channel by choosing the categories that interest us, without limit of choice, from among the more than one hundred available, offering us under the selected categories from local news to global news, as we adjust. also, with the possibility of eliminating some of the sources that may not interest us from any of the selected categories, to further personalize our channel.

Squid, like other types of mobile applications, also offers us the possibility of sharing the news that we want to spread with our family and friends, even allowing us to previously establish a personalization before going to them through other social platforms and you go.

They tell us that they are already working to bring news soon. Squid is available for Android through the Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery, and for iOS through its official application market.

Another interesting option is Flipboard, an application that combines news aggregator and social network functions, from which it is possible to choose the topics of interest to obtain a list of stories offered in electronic magazine format, with the possibility of even establishing conversations and comments. about each of the stories.

It is also possible for each user to choose their own selection of stories that they want to broadcast through their own profiles as their own personalized magazines. Those who are interested in following us from there simply have to look for our profile, from this link, and click the follow button.

Flipboard is available via the web and through your Android and iOS mobile applications.

Telegram in particular is one of my favorite applications that I use as a news aggregator. This makes sense considering that more and more media publications are adding to having their own channels, where all I do is add them to my account and organize them by folders (blessed function), so that I can be in the know. , and as in flipboard, I can also comment on the stories of those channels that have this possibility enabled.

By the way, we are also present there through our own channel. At this point, it goes without saying that Telegram is for desktop computers and mobile devices, although this alternative does not have an algorithm that makes us select from all the added sources, dedicating ourselves to it instead.

We will have this option thanks to the Google application for Android and iOS, where we will also have a selection of news based on our interests, defined through the activity we carry out with searches, through browsing history, as well as other elements that Google will take into account to define our interests, and that within the suggestions we can always refine them according to what we really want to have access to.

From this Google website we will have more information about the personalization of Google Discover.

Perhaps not as well known as other options, this option is quite interesting, since it allows you to choose a series of input topics (at least three) so that the application generates a personalized digital newspaper, offering us the most prominent headlines according to the selected topics, counting with more than 5,000 sources divided into 90 different news categories, complemented by an app’s own selection of the most prominent national and international news.

It also allows blocking specific sources, sharing news with friends, and even being used without the need for user registration, although the only drawback is that it is only available for Android devices through the Google Play Store.

The headlines themselves will give access to the complete news in their respective original sources.

We recently presented Stories Now, an application that allows subscribing to different media to receive their headlines in the form of Instagram Stories, offering a series of media recommendations, although it is also open to the incorporation of other RSS feeds.

This application is available for Android and iOS for free through the respective official application markets.

This service, launched last year, tries to offer an innovative experience of access to the most outstanding news in the form of a personalized digital magazine, according to the interests of each one, created through Artificial Intelligence, automatic learning and natural image processing, also highlighting the package function, which makes it possible to access the same story through the vision of different media that they have dealt with.

In addition to being available for free on desktop and mobile devices, this service also has integration with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant.


Those who want to go further in accessing the news, can always consider using specialized applications such as Inoreader, Newsblur, Feedly and the like, there are also local applications, including extensions for Chrome and other browsers, to read RSS feeds without depending on a service. centralized.

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