7 habits that will help you sleep better

7 habits that will help you sleep better

Rolling over in bed non-stop is slowly becoming the most popular sport for all of us.

And it is that both the daily worries and the realization of inadequate habits are leading to the fact that we tend to sleep for a few hours and, also, with an unrefreshing sleep.

Therefore, although it is impossible to totally erase from our minds all the chores that make us uneasy and scientists have not yet managed to increase the number of hours a day, follow a few guidelines It can help us make the most of the hours of sleep that we have. A good example are these seven habits, collected by Business Insider, which are based on different scientific studies on sleep.

1. Avoid looking at the cell phone or other electronic devices before sleeping

As we have already told you in previous articles, some scientific studies assure that the bluish light typical of the screens of the electronic devices negatively acts on our Cardiac rhtymsbecause it produces a incorrect melatonin secretion. For this reason, many experts recommend not using this type of screen or, if done, using applications such as f.lux, which change the tonality of the light as the day goes on.

2. Do not use sleeping pills that have not been prescribed

This is actually quite obvious. Take any kind of medication without prescription medical is a unnecessary risk And sleeping pills are no exception.

Furthermore, an uncontrolled use of this type of drug can lead to fatigue, muscle pain, memory loss and also more insomnia. As you can see, the remedy would be worse than the disease, so it is best to avoid these medications and, if there is no other remedy, consult a specialist.

3. Do not abuse alcohol, the secret to sleep well

This may seem silly when you consider how easy it is to fall asleep around the corners when you take a few extra glasses. However, while it is true that alcohol helps you fall asleep immediately, as you go metabolizing produces the opposite effect, suppressing the REM phase of the dream.

For this reason, often after a night of partying we wake up at few hours going into bed very uneasy and with the mouth so dry that we drink the Mediterranean Sea without breathing.

4. Do not work in bed so as not to confuse our brain

As we have seen in so many other studies, our brain is very associative, so it is necessary that we clearly establish what the place destined to sleep. That way, it will be easier to rest when we get into bed.

5. Do not consume caffeine during the six hours before sleeping

What of the caffeine It is very obvious, but the funny thing is that the effect lasts so long. And it is that, according to a study published in Journal of Clnical Sleep Medicine, the consumption of 400 mg of caffeine during the previous six hours at sleep it can interrupt sleep.

Anyway, as we already saw in the article on coffee and tea, caffeine absorbs at different rates depending on the substances with which it is mixed; but be that as it may, if it can be avoided at the end of the afternoon, better than better.

6. Do not eat, especially if it is fatty food

In general, lie down as soon as you eat, while doing the digestion, can disturb our rest; but, specifically, various studies show that the consumption of fatty foods one hour before sleeping reduces sleep quality and interrupts the REM dream, so it is recommended to choose other options if there is no other choice but to ingest something.

7. Avoid exercising the last hours before sleeping

You may have been recommended to exercise before going to bed. You will be more tired to sleep and you will rest better, they say. But if the exercise is intense the opposite effect takes place, since it gives rise to a increased body temperatureand, as a consequence, greater difficulty sleeping.

On the contrary, if it is beneficial to choose other exercises such as yoga or stretching, to relax the muscles.

I hope these tips serve to improve your rest. Before taking the easy route and stuffing ourselves with pills, we must not forget that there are many other ways to promote sleep. They do not involve a great effort and your health will thank you, you will see.

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