9 gadgets and technologies that will disappear thanks to the smartphone

9 gadgets and technologies that will disappear thanks to the smartphone

Nowadays almost anyone who buys a smartphone of more than 150 euros has to endure in the following days the typical phrase of [insert here the price of your mobile phone] euros for a phone, what a waste of money, and if it is top of the range high I don’t even tell you

The main mistake in that phrase is simple, calling something that has been around for a long time. Our smartphone is today a true Swiss Army Knife capable of multitasking, thus replacing many old technologies and concentrating them all. Today we want to make a compilation of obsolete gadgets due to the smartphone.

GPS naviganator

The GPS navigator’s life was as short as it was specious. A few years before the introduction of the smartphone in society, these devices were sold as churros; Today with applications as practical and powerful as Goolge Maps or Nokia Maps it makes little sense to buy one.

Compact cameras

For a long time the compacts were a great solution for all those who wanted to take photographs with a minimum of quality but in a space, and generally also price, content. Until very recently, no mobile camera reached the quality of a good compact; Today with cameras like that of high-end models it is rare to see people taking photos with a compact.

memo pad

The notebook was always very practical to take note of anything, anywhere and anytime. However applications for our smartphone like Evernote allow us to take notes quickly and keep it much better organized on a device from which we rarely separate ourselves.

Music player

Some of the strategic changes big companies have made speak for themselves, such as Apple’s decision to stop introducing new iPods: music players are dead. It simply has no reason to be carrying two devices when all the opportunities of one are covered by the other.


Although it is true that the simple arrival of the Internet could mean the end of the newspaper, the smartphone has contributed a lot to this by offering new advantages such as absolute immediacy anywhere. Although many newspapers are still standing, their results are getting worse and worse, and paper, as a format, offers no advantage over digital.

Phone calls

It may seem ironic that a device designed to call is going to be the executioner of calls, but it is so. Instant messaging is a much more popular form of communication today than these, and while it seems unlikely that calls are going to go away entirely it is clear that they will be more anecdotally used every day.

Credit cards

Credit cards have a lot of life ahead, it is true, in fact today it will be almost impossible to live without one. However, now that Apple has introduced Apple Pay and is moving slowly but surely in the USA, the market has been revitalized and Google is going to try again with Wallet. Meanwhile, we are waiting impatiently for both the arrival of Apple Pay in Spain and the presentation of alternatives by other large companies, so that we can all enjoy payments from our mobile phone.


There was a time when people used to stick a calendar to the wall with the arrival of a new year, to which a sheet was ripped out at the end of each month. Now such wonderful apps like Fantastical, Sunrise or Google Calendar replace many of those calendars.

Portable consoles

The day has not yet come when buying a laptop doesn’t make sense, but there is no doubt that it will. A small example of this is the collection of the best Android games of the week made by our companions of The Free Android. However, unfortunately the experience offered by the Vita indies and Nintendo games for 3DS is still clearly ahead than what we find in the mobile sector.

What else have you replaced by the smartphone? An osresists to drop any of the things on this list? Why

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