A Chrome experiment with art sessions in Virtual Reality using Google Tilt Brush

A couple of weeks ago Google officially introduced Tilt Brush, a Virtual Reality drawing app available for HTC Vive specialty glasses. The idea is to have multicolored brushes, light effects and other drawing tools on an infinite 3D canvas to take advantage of this immersive experience in the creation of works of art.

Well, in addition to the good examples being promoted on the app's Steam page, the folks at Google have worked together with half a dozen professional artists from around the world to record their drawing processes on the 3D canvas they provide. Tilt Brush.Of course, the interesting thing is that the captured has been accommodated in an interactive space called Virtual Art Sessions where also with 3D controls you can track any time point in the artistic process.

An illustrator, a fashion designer, a sculptor, an installation artist, an automotive concept designer and a duo of street artists are part of the valuable team that shares their work in this interestingChrome Experimentwhich uses powerful and free web technologies to drive interactive scenarios that require the adaptation of large amounts of data in a 360-degree world.

Anyway, just go to to see the wonders of art in Virtual Reality, also, in this link you will find more information about the project including the code that drives it and behind the scenes of what has been done.

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