A Chrome extension to control videos with your voice

We all like to watch YouTube videos and constantly learn things, but on many occasions we have our hands full, and that makes taking a break or going to the next video difficult.

A clear example: cooking while we see a recipe. It is not easy to pause on the mobile while our hands are full of flour, and professionals who make videos on YouTube about cooking do not wait for us to finish coating the dumplings.

This is where the Say Play extension comes, a plugin for Chrome that allows you to set custom voice commands for each playback control, so that we can go from playing to going back to artrs, and it is also possible to define the size of the backward and forward skip.

At any time we can review the last command said, and being trained with our voice, it helps to improve the accuracy of the recognition.

In the upper capture, as well as in this video, you can see how easy it is to configure the plugin. We define the seconds of backward and forward and we put the phrase or word that we will have to pronounce so that it will pay attention to us.

In the tests carried out I have verified that it is easier when the phrase or word is put in English. On the other hand, it also works with other video platforms, not just YouTube, so it can help on more than one occasion.

It is not a very famous plugin, and it has just come out of the oven, so it is possible that there are some problems, especially in this principle.

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