A collar to monitor the health of your cat or dog

Wearables can not only be used between humans, pets also have that right, and this cat and dog collar proves it.

It is a device that is capable of monitoring the animal's health by measuring its temperature, heartbeat, activity, respiration, position, and other variables.

All data is sent to a mobile application from where we can manage the information, being notified when a problem is detected (from fever to anxiety).

Available on, they assure that it can also be used in cats, although due to its size it seems that it was originally intended for the canine world.

Most of the variables it measures have obvious utility, except for positions. They explain that on their page: measuring the positions can help identify if they are feeling pain somewhere, as an unexplained change in a normal posture is often for a reason.

There is a version for iOS and Android, and the application is quite intuitive:

Their price is not very cheap: 150 dollars, and they only ship to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The idea is good, and we will surely see similar devices in other countries in the coming months (in fact we recently saw something similar in kickstarter).

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