A free app that will help you be more productive while you study

Online learning has become an almost mandatory option in the last year due to the pandemic. And while there are many web resources that make it easy to follow our classes online, do teamwork and almost any activity around our studies, studying in front of the screen can be a challenge.

Not only can it be exhausting, but it also becomes a center of distraction to have the internet at our disposal while we are reviewing math formulas, historical facts, or those classes that we find more monstrous.

And the five-minute break glancing at Instagram or watching videos on TikTok turns into long hours. Luckily, there are some tools that can help us focus and avoid these distractions on the web.

A free app to create study sessions

One of these tools is the Minimalist Pomodoro Timer, which allows you to schedule study sessions following the dynamics of the Pomodoro technique. The idea is that you can schedule short study sessions that alternate with break sessions.

And if this technique does not suit your study rhythm, then you can customize the system by setting the duration of the study session as well as the rest time. So instead of looking at the time to find out how long you’ve been studying, you can let the app work as your study assistant.

And the same dynamic will help you if you want to take advantage of your rest time to take a look at social networks. You will not lose track of time watching Instagram or Facebook, since the application will alert you when your break time is over.

So you just have to set the timer on the mobile and focus on your studies. This free application can be downloaded to your Android mobile from Google Play.

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