A kind of Pinterest about the world of programming

If you dedicate yourself to programming, or are learning some specific language, you will surely be interested in learning about this project, dedicated exclusively to publishing projects that help to understand the possibilities that programming has in various areas.

This is, a website where users polish items with programmed devices, robots that perform specific activities (such as tying shoelaces, for example), custom arduino boards for certain tasks, curiosities and possibilities of the Raspberry Pi , electronic devices to hack devices … we will not find there any code bits to share with other programmers, nor functions, nor procedures of any kind when programming in C #, but real applications, things made with code, focusing, mainly on the electronic.

Ideal for engineers, technicians and students who are looking for ideas and motivation, we can browse hundreds of proposals and read articles of all kinds, some in great detail, so that we think about our next project and, who knows, transform it into a real product with some crowdfunding campaign.

Unfortunately there is no content in Spanish, is in English, although we already know that if someone wants to dedicate himself to programming and / or electronics, English must be part of the day to day.

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