A light electric cargo vehicle that turns 180 degrees without leaving the bike lane

Electric vehicles still have a lot to offer, and today it is the Valencian company ESUS Mobility that proves it to us.

Fran Soriano presents a light electric vehicle that they are developing, designed for the distribution of the last mile.

Once again it is about saving resources and time in the package delivery process, something that many companies are thinking about, including Amazon with its drones. In this case it is a vehicle that, as you can see in the video, draws attention for its load capacity and flexibility of movement.

Our vehicle can load 350L of volume and 150Kg, with a maximum speed of 25Km / h to be able to use the bike lanes in the EU, and the autonomy is 20Km per battery.

Both the charging module and the batteries are interchangeable. We can easily change an empty module for a full one, or change the battery without the vehicle having to stop for a long time. Still, what is striking is the patented electronic steering system, which allows the vehicle to turn 180 without leaving the limits of the bike lane.

ESUSs could get out of a van for city deliveries, avoiding traffic congestion. Once completed, they will return to said van to change areas.

They are also thinking of making a model for private use or sharing, so that people can carry grocery or shopping bags, travel bags, tools and more, always thinking about this mix of scooter, motorcycle and bicycle.

Other great beneficiaries of the project will be the elderly. The use of 3 wheels and the low platform makes it very easy to use by people who have personal mobility problems.

What state is it in?

They are currently working to create a specific model for the internal logistics of a major supermarket chain, and will carry out a pilot test with Novaterra Logistics, a company that offers a wide range of logistics services.

They are located at the Collab facilities (the accelerator of the Valencia City Council) where they have recently won the award for the best project in acceleration.

You can learn more details at

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