A machine that makes and sells pizza without human contact

Restaurants, shops and businesses in general are reinventing themselves to avoid physical contact with other people, and it seems that the world of robotics can help with the task.

It is an invention of the food automation company Piestro, a stand-alone vending machine that can succeed where many others failed.

Piestro is raising money through the StartEngine crowdfunding site. It is a system capable of cooking and putting ingredients, transforming into an automated pizza maker that combines fresh ingredients and personalized recipes to build what the company says are high quality pizzas, although at the moment there are no reviews on YouTube of people who have tried them .

This pizza kiosk is original, but the idea is already very chewed up. There is another company called Basil Street that recently raised $ 10 million for its pizza vending machine and another, API Tech, which has a few pizza kiosks in various parts of Europe.

Piestro’s has advanced robotics, precise dispensing, and temperature sensors, and they believe they set themselves apart by quickly producing pizza-quality products. Piestro uses a temperature insulation system that keeps the toppings and dough at suitable temperatures separate from the heat of the oven located below. Future versions of Piestro will also use dual heating element ovens to quickly produce perfectly cooked pizzas.

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