A mask that cleans the air with UV light

Today there are already many millions of people who use a mask on a regular basis. It is mandatory in many places, and continues to be recommended by the WHO to prevent new outbreaks of COVID-19 in places where the minimum distance between people cannot be guaranteed or where there is insufficient ventilation.

This opens up new opportunities in the market, for new types of masks that help us feel safer, and this is the case with UVMask.

It is a reusable mask that uses UV-C purification to clear the air 10 times faster than we can breathe.

They indicate on the kickstarter that it is equipped with a passive air filter and a patent-pending Sterile-Vortex active protection. It has sealed UV-C light, so that while we breathe the air is sent through the vortex and purified with two UV-C LEDs of 25,000 W / cm2, a light that is not visible or in contact with the skin in no time.

For a price of about 80 euros a unit, it has two layers of high-efficiency protection, and filters the air through a filter that blocks all air pollutants, dust, pollen, tobacco and wildfire smoke.

The use of UV-C light has been used for biosafety for decades in the medical and industrial fields to purify effectively, but until now the light intensities and time required have been too impractical to effectively purify at the speed that we breathe. What this mask does is concentrate the full power of UV-C light into the air we breathe, using sapphire crystal optics to gain FDA approval (independently certified by SGS Labs and accredited by ISO 17025).

The passive air filter CE-FFP2 (equivalent to EU standard N95) has been tested according to EN 149-2001 + A1-2009 standards, receiving a filtration efficiency of 0.3 microns of 99%.

Active UV-C protection has been tested against E. coli and Staphylococcus to have an average efficacy rate of 99.93%.

They asked for 17,000 euros of financing on Kickstarter, they already have more than 240,000 and there are still more than 40 days of campaign.

You can learn more details and order a unit at this link.

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